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  1. CVT with Full Bolt Ons and Turbo Upgrade

    If your this far into a build going with a manual may have been the better option?
  2. OEM BBK: Acura RL 4 piston brake calipers

    Why wouldn’t the sport hatch 18x8 work?
  3. WTB Acuity Shifter Cable Bushing

    Looking to purchase said item let me know price and provide pictures if you can. :thumbsup:
  4. FS: Si Shifter Parts

  5. WTB: 27won intake

  6. WTB: 27won intake

  7. WTB: 27won intake

    Forgot to specify must be non si
  8. WTB: 27won intake

    As title suggests looking to buy 27won intake. Pm pics and price please! -Thanks
  9. LIGHTS!!!! *upgraded from Halogens.

    Anyone tried the fog lights with 6k xenon white?
  10. 27won Downpipe

    Catted preferred but catless would work too
  11. 27won Downpipe

    Yes I’m struggling to find quality ones!
  12. 27won Downpipe

    Hey everyone I’m going back and forth between PRL and 27won downpipe but can’t find a quality video of 27won downpipe! Can someone who has the downpipe post a video it would be greatly appreciated!
  13. New member can't post

    I’m having same issue