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  1. A little plastidip for the chrome parts and H symbol

    Looking good. Less chrome is always better! People make fun of plastidip but it really is perfect for some projects like these. It's silly when you plastidip an entire car like I've seen done, but in moderation it's not only cheaper to use plastidip but also just easier.
  2. 2016 Civic Touring vs 2009 modded Si-

    The 2016 Touring was pulling away until you could get it up to 6000 RPM? What happened after that?
  3. Black EX with Black Wheels

    Judging by the pics posted by the other member of his red Civic with 18" wheels, that size fits the size of the 2016 Civic nicely. And you should still be able to fit enough meat on the tires to keep the ride comfortable. :thumbsup:
  4. 18 inch wheels too small for the Sedan?

    For example, compare a wheel with no lip and less spokes going all the way to the edge of the wheel versus a deep dish multi spoke wheel. First looks a lot bigger visually.
  5. 18 inch wheels too small for the Sedan?

    Agreed, and also the fewer spokes the bigger the wheel tends to look. Probably has to do with the more open space adding to the visual size.
  6. 18 Inch Wheels on Touring Sedan

    Looks good. More photos please.
  7. Civic X vs Hyundai Ioniq

    Reminds me of the current Chevy Volt shape,especially the rear. Do you guys think cars like the Ioniq (or any HEV, PHEV, BEV) will ever be enthusiast cars? Doesn't seem like any hybrid or electric car so far truly has any significant enthusiast base.
  8. This is what 2016 Civic Coupe without wing spoiler looks like

    You can probably get a vinyl wrapping shop to wrap all the trim and silver bumper grille to be wrapped in black chrome, and still reverse it when it comes time to sell the car years down the line or if you get bored of it and want to return to chrome or go with another color.
  9. RallyeRed (Latest Update 4/14/19)

    The whole red/black contrast theme throughout looks great! Any plans to lower the car at all? The fender gap is the only thing that's bothering me.
  10. 18 Inch Wheels on Touring Sedan

    Nice mod! I ike simpler multispoke designs like this. Better than the factory accessory wheels which they made too busy looking.
  11. Manual 1.5t delayed until 2017 model year

    But t's possible the manual puts down more power if it has less drivetrain power loss compared to the CVT. Manuals tend to have the least drivetrain loss. I'd love to see a dyno between a 2016 Civic CVT and manual model to see how much WHP they output.
  12. Manual 1.5t delayed until 2017 model year

    I bet you can get faster acceleration in the manual. The CVT isn't geared very aggressively.
  13. Picking up EX at dealership now. [owner journal]

    Love the blacked out look! Enjoying following your build.
  14. 0-60 with the base 2.0 LX model and a manual

    Can't wait until a member puts on some more performance oriented tires and goes for some VBOX recorded 0-60 runs. Who wants to step up? :D
  15. 0-60 with the base 2.0 LX model and a manual

    Decent time but too much tire screeching for the amount of power the 2.0L is putting down. Blame it on the tires. Could have been even lower than 7.8s. Love how linear the power delivery is with it being naturally aspirated engine.
  16. 18 inch wheels too small for the Sedan?

    Bet these would look bigger than the 18's that the OP fitted. The way these spokes get thicker as they radiate out makes the entire wheel look larger.
  17. 18 inch wheels too small for the Sedan?

    So an inch wider and 3mm less aggressive offset. That's why it looks just a little bit more flush than stock wheels. :thumbsup:
  18. Honda Civic U.S. sales up 8.6% in November on 25,050 units sold

    :lol: I'd say it's even more than that. One thing to remember is that these sales stats also include any 2015 Civics sold in Nov.
  19. 2016 Touring is Too Powerful, I'm Not Getting My High MPG

    I don't think he meant he could literally pull away from any car possible at a light. He's just saying the car is very fast for a standard Civic, which it is. Pat: does your instrument cluster mostly glow green or mostly white? Green indicates you're getting optimum fuel economy and white...
  20. Our 2017 Civic Type R hatchback preview based on spy photos

    Canada will get the Type R just like the US. And it should do well there since it seems like Canadian buyers like hatchbacks more than Americans.