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  1. Indiana 2018 PMM FK8 Type R FS

    Bump!! 39k firm! Steal guys
  2. Indiana 2018 PMM FK8 Type R FS

    Hi guys! Up for sale is my 2018 Type R. I am the only owner, bought her brand new off the showroom floor. Car currently has 15,036 miles and is completely bone stock. Car has entire front end, side mirrors, partial roof, door cups, rear fender flares, black side trims, and partial rear bumper...

    Anyone rocking eibach sport line springs?
  4. FS: 2018 Type R- Polished Metal

    Thanks, the R is my baby and if I can’t get what I want for it I will gladly keep it. And GTR will be next.
  5. FS: 2018 Type R- Polished Metal

    Forgot to add car comes with original sticker and some cool portraits I had made with the badge number.
  6. FS: 2018 Type R- Polished Metal

    Hey guys...I have owned this car for about 2 years now and have decided to move on to the next dream car of mine. I purchased this car brand new....immediately had the entire front end, half the roof, door cups, rear fender flares, rear bumper, rear emblem, and black trim on the doors covered in...
  7. I finally pulled the trigger. 19” SGP FK

    im sure we all know its faster, I think what he's looking for is more of a overall review so far in the R compared to vette.
  8. Indiana Drivers?

    I believe it is March 21st at Graham Performance.
  9. Indiana Drivers?

    sup guys, I've been away from the forums for a bit now but I check in every now and then. We can all try and get together here soon, maybe at the first Cars and Coffee?
  10. New Jersey FS NNJ: 2017 Black Civic Type R (Feeler)

    Would you consider selling the seibon parts separately?
  11. PEEFREE's Civic Type R FK8 Build thread - Track / Street

    really cool thread so far for when you slap that new fuel system on.
  12. *Introduction of Members

    Yeah, I am super stoked to get it started. I really enjoy your how to guide on getting the swap done properly, I’ll be purchasing from ya here soon.
  13. *Introduction of Members

    I just bought an ek Saturday and cannot wait to kswap it.
  14. Need help deciding between 2019 STI and 2019 Civic Type R

    nah, ill take my chances in the R...much better car to toss around and have fun in.