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  1. 2006 Si Pic at 192,000 miles

    Sexy! Honda for life!
  2. Spare Tire Kit ...

    Bruh you literally included the picture of the DIAGRAM of what you bought. And it CLEARLY shows no spare tire included...
  3. Si trailer hitch

    Nice GenX of Communism, i see. Deleted my comment and another dudes comment on Hipsters and their need for tow hitch on a vehicle that shouldnt have one. Gotta love 21st century communism at its finest. Telling you what you can say and not say eh then protecting the weaks feelings from getting hurt.
  4. Warranty Extension Advisory does not affect Civics in California... for now

    Youre..... a.....real....MVP! This is one of the FEW times in almost 30 years of California.... im Thankful to be a Californian resident.
  5. I'm really.. really new here.

    1.) The audio system is the exact same as all vehicles. Replace every speaker in the car with aftermarket upgrades and amplifiers. And add a subwoofer if you want your brand new Si to rattle to death. Our Si's are already notorious for rattling noises so the subwoofer is up to you. A...
  6. Windshield black dots

    So after reading this post. And driving my vehicle today. The "black dots" are INSIDE the glass on my Civic Si.....
  7. What should I buy? $300

    No performance mod is worth it, without Ktuner or Hondata. Cosmetic is always up to user. Husky Liners and a Trunk Tray were a must for me to protect my interior.
  8. Si trailer hitch

    Bruhhh thats what im saying! Damaging your $23k Civic Si or like the other guy said your insurance wont cover a vehicle towing when its not supposed too.. Or paying 20-40$ for a uhaul rental. I rent the Chevy Silverado uhaul from Home depot whenever needed. Would never put my Si through that.
  9. Melted Passenger-Side Headlight, What Part Do I Buy?

    The picture where youre holding the piece with the melted bulb... Will be VERY easy to replace. Autozone will sell you that piece and a bulb. But the other picture looks like you have a melted light housing. That section you need to look up the parts schematic for it. And see if you have to buy...
  10. Price for downpipe install?

    Ive heard people getting a DP/FP installed for 80$. What your "proffesional" charges will depend. Find someone reputable. Reviews are important. And i wouldnt pay over 80$ for a DP install.
  11. Melted Passenger-Side Headlight, What Part Do I Buy?

    Go to autozone/ o reillys probably get it quick that way. Show them the melted bulb/piece.
  12. For you 27Won turbo guys (or PRL etc)

    Get this man a stock, young, and cheap Si turbo asap!!!
  13. Removing rear seat bench...

  14. INTAKE..

    Did you monitor your LTFT? STFT? AFR? Datalog a WOT? Datalog a long drive?
  15. Anyone have a problem with ants?

    Im sorry for your experience but thats some funny fucking stuff right there. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  16. Covercraft sunshade doesn't fit :(

    WTF is the "black box thingy"??? Is this really what our vocabulary has become?
  17. Removing rear seat bench...

    HP gain homie! You want a 10 second car gotta do watcha gotta do.
  18. Riced up Camry

    The best part. I can literally hear her entire underbody scraping every morning and night in her driveway
  19. Got my first Si

    Fuck yeah... Another sexy Si. I see nothing but regular Civics. But another Si on the road brings a smile to my face Dee. When you sell Civics that dont offer spare tires (Us models) im referring too. Dont blow smoke up peoples asses like my dealer did.... "Spacious huge trunk. So big you...
  20. Type R motor swap to Fifth gen This is gonna be interesting too see more of these swaps happen. Very expensive and time consuming.