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  1. How are our 10th gen Si owners feeling now?

    Honda is saving most of these for the mid-cycle refresh but it'll cost at least $1000 more due to inflation, maybe around 2024/2025. Though I don't see adaptive dampers in its future. Other than what you've listed, I can't think of anything else they can improve on the 11th-gen Si. Maybe an...
  2. A good time to buy Continental tires

    Thanks OP for the heads up. Finally ordered some UHP Road Hugger GT Ultra on DTD to replace those aging Goodyears. This baby is going hug the road like a face hugger. ? Shout out to DTD for price-matching my initial out-of-stock order and upgraded my order to these higher performing tires...
  3. A good time to buy Continental tires

    Thanks, need to replace cracking OE Goodyears soon. I usually wait for a sale from Discounttire and stack with manuf. rebate.
  4. 2017 civic si dyno results

    It’d read over 500 on a dynojet. ? Have you decided on your next ride?
  5. Mugen vs. Hybrid Racing Short Shifter

    Mugen short shifter is identical to the 2017-2019 CTR shifter. They even share the same Honda assembly number. I believe Mugen cut short the OEM shifter and rethreaded the top part and rebadged it. I’d spend the $40 on the OEM 2020 CTR shifter + knob; it’s a fantastic combo.
  6. Prices going up higher for the CTR!

    Just enjoy driving the car you have instead of thinking it as an investment. Even for the rare AP2 S2000, with an original $37300 MSRP, fetching $50000 or $60000 today after 13 years pales in comparison to simply compounding that money at 8% per year. I doubt the FK8 will do better than the AP2...
  7. 2022 gr86

    $27700 before destination. Aggressive pricing. ? Slightly cheaper than BRZ. ?
  8. Please select the 18-inch tires

    265/35R18 will lower the center of gravity and provide more stability during touge up in Malaysia.
  9. My reaction to the 2022 Civic Type R...

    Love it ? when the official red camo pics came out with 19” wheels and wider tires. Sold mine last year but didn’t miss it. Will definitely buy the new one if Ethereum 2X or 3X in a year. If not, I’ll look for a used one around mid-cycle refresh. Enjoy your FK8. It’s the most competent car in...
  10. Failed inspection for having a tune

    Flash back to factory and drive it for a few days before getting it re-inspected. Emissions readiness monitors need a complete drive cycle to become ready after flashing the ECU.
  11. When do you expect fk8 prices to drop?

    TBH, I was expecting more on your quoted price, like $48k. There’s a shortage of new cars at the moment and it’s affecting car prices (including used cars). You’ll see prices normalize when you see car lots are full of cars. I’d wait until next fall if you’re not in a hurry to purchase.
  12. About to look at a 2019 SI

    Buy the 2022 Si next month if this used one costs more than $26500.
  13. Need your help on wheels as I'm in a pinch!

    ?245/35/20 all day long for daily driving and if you don’t track your car.
  14. 18's W Michelin all seasons Car feels like it isn't stable in corner?

    :cool: OP was looking for the most cost-effective way to turn it into a Camry. Mission accomplished. Seriously, that’s normal if you go from low-profile tires to ones with significantly thicker sidewall. More comfort but loss of handling precision. Most people go with 265/35 on 18” wheels...
  15. Does anyone know why the rear bumper has an asymmetrical crevice?

    Yes, it's the same location on the CTR:
  16. New - Open Mesh Fog Light Covers for FK8 Type R

    R&D of precision-crafted parts takes money and time. TBH, these are low-volume accessories. Out of the 48000 CTRs out there, maybe 100 will buy a set if they aren't wrecked by now.
  17. New - Open Mesh Fog Light Covers for FK8 Type R

    Had these imported from Canada over a year ago. They appear to be the same but holes are smaller than the lower grille. Nice to have if you've an oil/transmission cooler installed behind one of the grilles. Otherwise, it's mainly a cosmetic mod. Super easy to install and take off.
  18. Strictly handling related what components does the R have over the SI?

    The track on the CTR is also wider so you’ll need beefy spacers on the Si.
  19. Shipping Company Recommendations?

    Go on and get a free estimate. Use an enclosed carrier for peace of mind. Good luck!