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  1. What are you trading your Civic in for when you're ready?

    I already did. LOL Pre-ordered the 2022 VW GTI Performance (aka Autobahn) back in August. Deliveries came in but was told wrong color was ordered? Waiting for my Moonstone Grey. This was spontaneous, my third daily driver. What I really want is the Z but it's over my budget. I'm not...
  2. Merry Christmas 2021

    Better late than never. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Stay safe. As for my baby, I'm done and will be focusing on my third daily driver, 2022 VW GTI, that I've been patiently waiting for, it's almost 5 months. As for gifts, I got my third phone, Google Pixel 6 Pro.
  3. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    I got there Saturday night and went to Primanti after settled in my room for an hour. I’m not of burgers, so I got the reuben. Amazing!!
  4. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Drove to Pittsburgh and watched my Steelers. Great win against the Titans. I also bought $50 worth of Diet Mountain Dew which is not available here in Canada. I just got back today and really can't stand the drivers here in the Greater Toronto Area.
  5. Amsoil

    Ok. LOL Amsoil 0W-30 here.
  6. Is your 10th Gen your DD?

    When I get my 2022 VW GTI Performance in the next few weeks, will I drive my CivicX after winter? LOL jk
  7. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Changed oil & filter.
  8. Your Next Purchase?

    I love the Odyssey, if I had a family it's what I would buy. Friend at work recently bought the new Toyota Sienna and looks amazing. Not a fan of Toyota but I was impressed. Nice 50th gift. I'm 6 years aways, now you got me thinking.... lol
  9. Your Next Purchase?

    There's a what did you drive before CivicX, so what/are you buying after? Trading or addition? I just placed my order for 2022 VW Golf GTI, Performance trim with optional Moonroof and in Moonstone Grey. ETA is September 30th!!! Adding this to my garage, decided not only I will keep my FK7...
  10. What Was Your First Car?

    A lemon. lol 1999 Pontiac Grand AM V6. This is how much I hated the Civic (until of course the CivicX), my family & friends all said to go with it. lol
  11. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    I removed the cup holders. It's disgusting!!!
  12. Upgrade to 11th gen?

    I can't buy the same model again. Way too many options for me to choose from.
  13. First clear unrendered pic of 11th gen Type R?

    I'll learn to drive Manual if that's real. j/k I'm still too lazy to and very happy with my FK7. Besides, after buying my 2020 Q3, I don't think I can go back. LOL Working on adding 2022 Audi A5 Sportback. I do love it clean but still aggressive.
  14. Powder Coated Wheels tread. Anyone went with Lime Green?

    Love my Enkei SS05's so much I don't wanna sell them and getting them refinished seems a waste of money and boring. Green is my favourite colour so this is what I'm thinking of doing. My boys are telling me to go with Red, feels like been there done that. Purple is my second option. Either...
  15. How many miles do you have on your Civic?

    Delivered IIRC 2018 of March/April.... I have 31k miles. I do have two daily drivers and this barely gets driven during winter especially when it's snowing. Besides my mods, the CVT has been replaced last year, I took it in for drain & fill and I was told there's a crack on the casing? I...
  16. Just did my first oil change on the Civic!

    My boy and I signed up for Preferred Member, 3 years now. I also pass the savings to family & friends. They save, we get the points. :) I get it's expensive but as I also say, you gotta pay to play. Seriously, spending $80 CAN with Honda oil filter every 7 months is nothing. I spent twice...
  17. Just did my first oil change on the Civic!

    Great video. I use Amsoil too, 0W-30 and Honda filter. I'm broke and use a water bottle as a funnel. LOL
  18. Doing your own maintenance

    I thought about buying the electric ratchet but not worth the $120. All I do is oil, brakes and wheels.
  19. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    I got her new tires today, OEM lasted 47k/km... Continental ExtremeContact DW06 Plus
  20. Powder Coat: Green or Red

    I have a White Sport Touring Hatchback.