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  1. What did you do to your Type R today?

    what did that cost you? mine has been cracked since last year from a hail storm
  2. New Purchase with CEL

    Any idea what downpipe is on the car? because most aftermarkets ones claim they wont throw a CEL light
  3. What did you do to your Type R today?

    Looks nice. I stayed with 20's with mine but like to lower it a bit but not sure if I would rub since most type Rs I seen that lowered a bit are on 18 or 19's
  4. What did you do to your Type R today?

    what lowering springs you have on your car and those 20's or 18's?
  5. chassis mounts for splitter

    does anybody know if i can use a chassis mounted splitter brackets on different front splitters? like the ones from down force solutions?
  6. Micheling PS4S in the winters of Philly PA

    i be driving on mine this winter but in Oklahoma most our winters get into the teen not very often we single digits. last year the stock conti's didnt do bad but they were loud going down the road
  7. Crazy but honest question: Trade '18 Aegean Blue for '21 Boost Blue or keep both?

    i would keep the 18 since 2019 was the last year they made that color on the type R
  8. K20C1 Camshaft Testing - Unlocking the RPM, sound, and power we all love in a Honda Racing Engine

    wished i could hit at least 400hp with 91 oct since thats the best gas i can get around me. 20 miles to get 93 oct and 100 miles to get E85 :(
  9. Type r allocations are done and what it means

    anybody know what the final number was for the type R?
  10. What did you do to your Type R today?

    there are type R's running way more than 400 hp on stock rods no problem
  11. When was the last time you saw another Civic Type R on the road...?

    last time i seen one other than mine was 3 months ago sadly so far i have the only one near me
  12. possible boost leak

    will do but wont have the chance till monday. but wondering is that the one that i hear gets water in?
  13. possible boost leak

    question guys my car seems to have lost top end power as it dont get up to speed as fast as it used to. when giving it throttle i can hear a whining sound (never really noticed it before but could have always been there lol ) you guys think it can be a boost leak or something worse? but other...
  14. How much did your car tag cost?

    think mine was $1,800 when i first tagged it but renewal was $98 in Oklahoma
  15. Problem with PS4S sidewall cracks

    my stock conti's had cracks all in the sidewall and tread at 15k miles only have 3k+ on my ps4's so far and look fine. but once they do or if they start to crack i just get another free set
  16. AWE touring loud enough?

    you have a sound clip? because when i ever get time i have a prl catless DP waiting to be installed on my car
  17. Unity Performance's Street & Track FK8 Build Thread

    lol i find it funny you called the 20" wheels donks because they are not even close. plus to me the Type R's look better with the 20's on them just not the stock black wheels