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  1. Would you buy an si for a long daily commute

    I have 27500 kilometers on a 2017 civic si sedan. Have taken this thing off roading with stock all season tires. I commuted for two summer seasons in canada at 125kms a day. Only maintenance done so far was oil changes and tire rotations. Everything checks out. And i have driven this machine...
  2. Dealer A1 Service Cost/

    First service on the civic @12.500 kms cost me 30$ only for a tire rotation( complimentAry oil change) they did the service and rotation in 40 mins at Village Honda Calgary :) meter minder was at 15% when I took the car in, driving a Si.
  3. Installed Morimoto HID, Warning Lights?

    Are they night and day difference compared to the stock LEDs the Canadian models come with ? What optional equipment should I choose ? I want to swap it in while it’s parked in the garage. Thanks in advance
  4. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Si in hybernation. Good bye Honda. Happy winter driving Corolla :) kinda sad and excited at the same time. (Corolla is on coilovers shhhh don't tell anybody but those are stock struts with 280k kms on em lol)
  5. Si owner demographics and modification schedules

    25, Working two jobs and just started university. Single and I pay most of my expenses(vehicle, insurances, school is me, food is paid by one of my jobs). Priorities : pay off vehicle in 1.5-2 years. Modding : Not sure yet as university schedule will get heavy next year and might need to drop...
  6. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    FIrst oil change at 12.500 kms and tire rotation. My baby is getting parked for winter soon!!
  7. Post Your Interiors

    Was it easy to install, overall worth it ? Did you lose any functions from the stock head unit ?
  8. DEPO full LED headlights (Type R Style) for halogen models

    I agree with you. I drive after 11pm winter time and before 6:30 am so even though my si comes with LED Headlights I am seriously swapping to HIDs
  9. Post Your Interiors

    Forgot to ask how did the change of head unit affect the sound quality ?
  10. Type R Engineers Talk About The Type R

    Interesting read. Not overly detailed. But enough to get an all around idea of what's up
  11. Autostart install on Si?

    I would like to do it right. Proper check of the shifter position and all. I don't normally lend my car, but it doesn't take much for a boo boo to happen lol
  12. Why Si vs Type R? Cause MPG lol

    She knows what's up. Get her on the track. Maybe she will be the next Schumacher!
  13. Why Si vs Type R? Cause MPG lol

    That's pretty amazing. I think it's the perfect family car even with 2 kids
  14. Why Si vs Type R? Cause MPG lol

    Last Friday I went to Edmonton and back and did a few other highways trips around. Here are my results. I was pretty impressed. Average speed was 114km/h often going over 130km/h speed limit was 110. Here are some photos. Very satisfied with the road trip capabilities. I broke 500miles on a tank...
  15. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Agreed I really like your mud flaps. Are they better than the OEM mudguards ? My si came with them from the dealer. Would love some links. Your ride looks beautiful. Keep it up bud!
  16. 2017 Civic Si Exhaust

    I was interested into converting the middle exhaust into 2 dual tips. Might have to go to a shop and get a full cat back exhaust custom made. Wonder how that would work with the bumper :hmm::hmm:
  17. Odometer Check In!

    10000 kms bought on June 17th. Decided to park it this winter. Hardest decision ever made. Just wanna drive it everyday :( shopping for winter beater. 0 issues with the vehicle so far. Car has been granny driven and occasionally Redlined. Well behaved for what I'm used to lol
  18. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Curious how come your mpg is so low. To get 30mpgs I need to be doing steadily 95-100mphs on the highway. I never set my cruise by the way. Our major highways in Alberta have a speed limit of 68mphs (110kph) but everyone cruises at 75-80mphs (120-130kph) at a minimum
  19. Coupe vs sedan

    Guilty as charged. Only if they are in normal drunk levels. Don't need no accidento in da civic! And yet another reason I didn't want the coupe. But, both of them are beautiful (again beauty in the eye of beholder). I honestly think that the design of civicx has been heavily criticized. Owning...
  20. Stiff Brake Pedal

    I thought the vehicle sets the e-brake automatically? That's what it does on mine I believe. Once you turn off the engine, and that is why your brake pedal is stiff at start up no?