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  1. Be Glad you drive a Civic - Gas Prices creeping up fast

    I've seen gas already creep to $4 for 93 in spots here. I'm glad I have my Mazda that runs on 87 and is more fuel efficient than my CTR which required 91 (but here we really only see 93).
  2. Sold the R and bought an American muscle car

    Thought it was gonna be a Hellcat... nope. Muscle cars are made for straight line speed and usually can't corner for shit. OP, enjoy the Model 3. I personally can not stand the [lack of an] interior of those things, but Model S's are pretty cool in my eyes.
  3. New best motoring fk8 touge battle

    Also, apparently the times set by the Spoon and J's FK8s were faster than an R35 GTR. That one was pretty cool.
  4. Cross shopping with Veloster N

    After test driving a WRX STI I can say that the STI is triple the raw and visceral feeling of the Type R. It's hella fun in the way it drives. Yeah it's dated, but that's part of it's appeal.
  5. Curious after owning the Type R what is next?

    God yes, that is one of the freeing things about my Mazda3. I don't feel like it owns me anymore.
  6. Curious after owning the Type R what is next?

    Well this aged like moldy cheese... not only did the Type R go somewhere, I am driving a Mazda3 now! I thought about the Crosstrek but that speed was just a bit too slow for my tastes. The 3 does what I want and I have no regrets. Miss the R but too many factors in my life that made it not the...
  7. Does it seem like there are a lot of short term owners?

    Hit the nail on the head. The Type R is an amazing car, but it wasn't right for me at the time I got rid of it. I don't regret trading it in. I do miss it sometimes though!
  8. Does it seem like there are a lot of short term owners?

    I had a good run with mine at 2 1/2 years, lifestyle changes as well as me underestimating how much money it was costing between car payments and other things forced my hand. Honestly though, it's a bit of a commodity car so I'm not shocked owners change so often. I feel like it's the same...
  9. USA-001 Limited Edition CTR raffled to the public (via charitable donation entry)

    Entered for the hell of it. I would love to be reunited with a Type R, especially since I can keep my Mazda as a daily driver :p
  10. Anyone had an 8th/9th gen Si?

    Thank you for the assessment Charles! How did you like the RSX compared to your 10th gen Si? It is unlikely I can afford one of those but l've had a limited experience in the 10g Si so far and did like what I saw, mainly in the driving characteristics and interior (although, the 1.5T seems less...
  11. Anyone had an 8th/9th gen Si?

    What didn't you like about it? Was it just the characteristic of the engine? Thanks, seems like of all the 9th gen pre facelifts the Si was the one to get. I remember my 9th gen interior and it was decent, but I had an LX so it wasn't too special to start.
  12. Holy crap the paint on these cars SUCKS

    This was a huge complaint when I had my Civic. My Mazda doesn’t seem to have that kind of paint. I’ve washed it and it seems more durable than the Civics. Unfortunately Honda seems to be among the worst when it comes to the paint on cars.
  13. Anyone had an 8th/9th gen Si?

    Did not know that about the '12 Si. I thought the 2012 Civic was just universally derided all around. If I could have my CTR back AND my Mazda3 I would take it in a heartbeat, but that's not happening so I figured why not get back into a Civic if I can since I want another MT car. How's the...
  14. Anyone had an 8th/9th gen Si?

    My friend test drove a 10g Si and I was with him and it certainly seemed much more civilized than I thought it was going to be. I don't think the 10g will be in my price range when I start looking but some early 17s might depending on the mileage.
  15. Anyone had an 8th/9th gen Si?

    I'm looking at cheapish manual cars for a second car and was wondering if anyone had a 9th gen Si. I had a 2013 LX previously so I know the 9th gen platform very well. Does anyone have any impressions on what it's like? Shifting wise? I want the old N/A Honda experience with the k24 where you...
  16. Close call with a deer

    About 16 months ago when I had my CTR I was driving to work (yes that was a thing) and as I turned onto this back road I went around a corner and thank god the deer must've sensed me coming because it just barely got out of the way. I had no idea it was there and was going like 40 mph and I had...
  17. Virginia SOLD: 18' ABM CTR for sale in VA $33,000

    That car is in pristine condition. GLWS.
  18. Looking for an Accord Forum

    This place is a hive of activity compared to MANY other car scene forums. Sucks, but that also gives CivicX a pretty special trait.
  19. Nearly 4 months since I sold my CTR... thoughts/reflections

    Thought about it, but wanted to venture outside of the Civic nameplate.
  20. Full circle...

    I think I win the award for the "weirdest car to go to"... Nah but forreal, if money wasn't a concern it'd be hard for me to find a real upgrade to the CTR that's similar to it. If I got a Porsche I'd probably opt for the PDK - it's just too good. There's really not many cars that can drive...