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  1. Ford drops a bombshell..

    idk, Dodge seems like they will hold out for quite some time. They figured out their audience, and if you wanna go fast, buy a Dodge. just don't expect it to last. Also in Ford news for those who are cross shopping with the site as a reference...
  2. 10th gen CIVIC SI - What did you pay?

    No, but I am strongly considering it in the next month or so. I'm sure this doesn't help tho lol
  3. What did you pay?

    What dealer was this from?
  4. Hatchback - What did you pay?

    ST comes with everything: leather heated seats, navi, upgraded speakers, all the tech Sport only comes with body kit, and wheel upgrades, but no tech on the interior. Its essentially the LX hatch
  5. And its Name Is Epyon

    I'm here for this amazing Gundam reference lol
  6. Meetup in DMV

    Sounds cool, this is Saturday/Sundays?
  7. Fuel Pump/ Tank Repair

    The dealer checked it out and says it'll be $2000+ repair. Geico will be checking it out tomorrow. Since its a 13 Lx, at this point it may be totaled.
  8. Fuel Pump/ Tank Repair

    I am honestly not completely sure yet. When I was leaving work last night, noticed it was leaking gas. I was in no accident, and I don't see how a faulty pump would cause the car to leak underneath. Warranty is long gone here though. Just waiting to see what they find out.
  9. Fuel Pump/ Tank Repair

    Wasn't sure where to post this, and nor does this apply to my 10th Gen, but rather my 9th; but has anyone had this sort of repair in the past for any of their cars? Is this something that can be covered through insurance? And anyone have a price range of this sort of repair?
  10. Civic Si vs Elantra Sport vs FoST vs GTI vs WRX

    Oh yeah, I did read that the other day. But I cant this weekend the fiance has made family plans for me :dunno:
  11. Civic Si vs Elantra Sport vs FoST vs GTI vs WRX

    Not yet. I'm in no rush right now. I want a new car, but I don't really need it. But with that being said, I want a Si, and need to learn how to dive M/T in the near future.
  12. Subiepanda's Rallye Red Civic Hatchback Sport

    I read in the radio replacement thread that the backup camera either doesn't switch over, or it's stuck on one of the theee possible settings. I want to know if you still have functions of the cameras? Also, how does the nav work? Is it through you phone? You can ignore that last question if you...
  13. Subiepanda's Rallye Red Civic Hatchback Sport

    Yo, that looks crazy!!! I've been reading with other units that the back-up camera loses some functionality, how does this one fair?
  14. If the Si came with an option for the 8 speed DCT

    Not going to say the Si is outright 'dead,' but it is a hard market for the car, and Honda is mostly to blame. Power-wise, the Si isn't special anymore when compared to other trims and it's competitors. where the Si excels is in its agility, and how nimble it is in corners. IMO I don't think...
  15. Daily Commute to Work (One Way). How many CivicX Spotted?

    Out here in the D.C. area I'll see about 20 Civic X's, and about 40-50 civics in total. My trip is about 55 miles around.
  16. I walked away from this deal......

    Lol has to be one of the best stories I've heard all week. I'm surprised they found it. I just always assumed it was just gone from there.
  17. I walked away from this deal......

    How convenient :lol: . But good thing you walked out, that's not a good price. You're pretty much paying MRSP for a car that isn't that hard to find elsewhere. Never pay MRSP.... I found that out with the first new car I brought on my own, smh.
  18. Civic Touring VS Accord Sport with Honda Sensing

    The Canadian specs seem to be much better than what's sold here in the States. I would think that they are pretty much evenly equipped, and comparably sized. It's really just a different engine. NA vs Turbo. I would go civic for having more usable power in the lower RPMs. Just my opinion.
  19. Civic Si or Civic Hatchback Sport Touring?

    lol, I am well aware my friend, alas, I don't know how to drive MT
  20. Rate My Ride?

    Paint your wing white, remove that black overlay on the gas tank, and your ride would actually be pretty clean. Not a fan of the grill, but hey, if it works for you it's all good.