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  1. Fatherpain’s 2018 Type R

    The car looks awesome. Good to hear the XDI fuel pump upgrade is performing so well.
  2. REDRAGN's CTR Track Day Log and now Time Attack 2022 prep!

    Cant to wait to hear feedback on the Paragon 6 piston kit.
  3. Fatherpain’s 2018 Type R

    Exceptional Thread! Glad to see someone treated you so nicely :thumbsup: "Recently was gifted a beautiful set of Rays/Volk TE37SL’s 18x9.5 +45 refinished in gloss black for maintaining content helpful for the CivicX community. That was humbling, mind blowing and totally unexpected. Will leave...
  4. REDRAGN's CTR Track Day Log and now Time Attack 2022 prep!

    Matt, great thread so far. Will be interested in your impressions of the change from Falken RT 660 200TW to Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar 3 220TW (275/35/18 size). Last year I switched from Michelin Cup 2's in 255/35/19 on NSX rims to Goodyear F1 3R's (275/35/18) on Motegi 9.5x18 Traclite...
  5. Fan Assisted Oil Cooler Set-Up…?

    Let us know what if you noticed improvements in cooling with the hood on now.
  6. Wrap oem down pipe and exhaust

    Agree with the above. I wouldn't wrap the d/p. I wrapped the front pipe which goes directly under the oil pan and I think it helps. You need to use mixed approach for heat management on this platform though depending on the environment you are driving it in and how hard you drive the car or if...
  7. Nengun legit?

    Definitly legit. Used them for several parts including a couple of sets of rims for my TSX Euro R conversion. Great service. Keep in mind shipping is higher and slower now due to covid.
  8. Need 19" rims and new tires - Los Angeles

    /\ I actually went with 19" NSX rims at first as I was looking for a similar offset to OEM. I have since switched to 18x9.5 +45 myself and I am very happy with the mix of performance and "streetability".
  9. Track Type R

    CTRookie, I went through the same thinking you have with wheels for this car. I originally went with 19" NSX wheels for the track due to a closer factory offset and lower rim weight. After a season with the NSX wheels and 255 Cup 2's on the track I came decided to try a wider 18" rim as tires...
  10. Civic Type R After-market Wheel Guide

    Great find! Definitely looking forward to seeing how these look and what you think of them when you get them fitted up. NSX style wheel for sure but as you say in a better size.
  11. Small curb rash/ rock chip damage on TE37

    We have an excellent shop in our city that fixes this kind of stuff for 150 Cdn a shot. My wife got a rim on our MDX and I could not believe how well it came out in the end. I am very particular about this kind of stuff and even when I took the wheel out of the shop and placed it on a table in...
  12. Oil pressure / temp sensor wiring

    Mike, take a look at post #45 and #38 to see pics and a brief how to write up I did on installing an oil temp gauge - As far as oil pressure gauge there is some discussion here -...
  13. Varis/JDM Build Thread

    Nice looking cockpit all around! Quick question - where did you place your oil pressure sensor?
  14. Civic Type R After-market Wheel Guide

    For the Type R yuou will need a 5x120 bolt pattern. A 19x8.5 with 40 offset should fit BUT not sure if about front caliper clearance unless someone has already tried these on a FK8...
  15. Anyone running anything similar to these ?

    samji, good looking combo!
  16. Toe wear on front tires

    You may want to take a look at Michelin PS4S's. Still good performance but will last longer and slightly more comfortable ride. Recommend going for all four though if you switch tire types. You could also rotate the back tires to the front for a bit to try to squeeze a bit more life out of the...
  17. Varis/JDM Build Thread

    Wow, that engine bay looks awesome! :D:thumbsup: