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  1. Upgrade CMC

    what’s the website ?
  2. New Jersey APR Carbon Fiber Bases & GT-300 Risers

    Bumppppp! Man what are your wheel specs on this thing 🔥🔥🔥🔥
  3. Enkei wheels, best way to clean???

    i hate this product. Meguiers wheel cleaner does a better job then this. Also adams wheel cleaner is definitely better then diablo. Diablo feels weak to me doesn’t break down that break dust and stuff like these other products I mentioned. Just smells good. IRON X though bullies all of these...
  4. Who is going to trade in for the GR Corolla?

    I’m gonna keep my civic si but I’m looking forward to that circuit edition. I will definitely finance one of the price is reasonable
  5. Subwoofer went out on me after 3 years

    audiofrog is suppose to be one of the best but mannnnn there expensive. Im more into mid range speakers and got a separate bass in the trunk. But i just pulled everything out after 2 years and im just gonna do a basic setup for my interior. Tired of the weight and battery I had in my trunk...
  6. Official RV6 R365 turbo thread

    yeah I know, trying to build a little list here. I have to read this entire forum here to see which drop in I’m gonna go with. Or if I should just get the PRL big turbo kit.
  7. Official RV6 R365 turbo thread

    yeah I know they said stay away from BOv’s. I’ll check that out. I was gonna end up selling my car since I just paid it off. But I don’t wanna pull the gun. I’m gonna finish this build.
  8. Skunk 2 and Blox throttle body worth it?

    Yeah I think I saw that post a few months ago when they first dropped the intake. I figured maybe by now skunk 2 would make sure you have everything you need but I guess they haven’t updated that and letting everyone figure it out.
  9. Official RV6 R365 turbo thread

    What BPV is that ? Forged is the brand ?
  10. Skunk 2 and Blox throttle body worth it?

    What was challenging about it ? Did you need anything before hand to install ? I might order one this week
  11. Bc CoilOvers

    Where is this clunking coming from ? Check your front end links, they have to be extremely tight. I always had issues with mine. Maybe sure the rubber grommets that the rear spring sit on in place correctly. I always had trouble with my BC’s. I ended up switching too fortune auto and those were...
  12. Rear Suspension Clunking Over Bumpy Roads

    that is weird! I would understand if maybe the sway bar end links cause that because they need to be readjusted. But those looks like the oem ones right ?
  13. Subwoofer went out on me after 3 years

    my bass in the rear deck went out the second week i owned my si and it was brand new lol
  14. Car wont start after sitting 2 weeks

    This has been on my mind for a while. I dont daily drive my si anymore, and after sitting a good two weeks the battery is completely dead. The battery is brand new. I also have aftermarket music, maybe 3 amps in the trunk paired with a yellow top battery. I had the battiers both tested and they...
  15. Rear Suspension Clunking Over Bumpy Roads

    Could be! Best to take it apart and make sure everything is seated properly
  16. Work Emotion CR Kiwami 18x9.5 +38 FS

    I got more views here then in that classified section. So that proves not everyone knows about it.