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  1. Anyone do this to their tail lights yet??

    Haha! Ya it totally reminded me of that model. The back is actually the worst angle for the mod. Damn I wish I took some side shots. I like it both ways. Prefer the mod mostly as a means to separate from all the others out there.
  2. Anyone do this to their tail lights yet??

    its the only angle ive got and i just pulled the vinly off today. i dig it and will most likely redo it soon what do you all think?
  3. Request: Blinking side marker?

    Cool thanks! I actually got it done last week. My side markers now blink opposite of my blinkers. And in the day time they blink in unison. However, they do not function when the light switch is on ‘auto’ mode. To use in the day time the switch should be set to ‘parking lights’ Good stuff
  4. Anyone know where to buy this 4th brake light?

    So...that was my 16 and now I’ve got an 18 civic. My leds are coming in today. This time I bought a red and a white strip of leds so I can light up the ground when I reverse as well. Back in 16 I remember seeing a nice strip that had both reverse and brake in one strip but these days I can...
  5. Request: Blinking side marker?

    I’m also wondering how this is done and whether anyone has already done it. I tried this weekend and jus kept blowing fuses. I had leds in my side markers and switched them to incandescent since my marker started hyper blinking. So I jus cleaned it all up and put it back to normal. I REALLY...
  6. 16-17 Civic 10th Gen Sedan - OE Style Trunk Spoiler (ABS) - AST-HC164OEFM-A

    Does anyone have this spoiler? I really want it and jus want to see some different angles of it installed while I wait for delivery
  7. Windshield Replacement on Models with Honda Sensing

    The car goes too far to the left as if alignment is off. And on the passenger side it’s like it reads too far into the other lane. I had to turn it off cuz on the freeway the damn car thinks I’m gonna crash into the car in the right lane and pumps the breaks Damn car has been a beautiful nightmare
  8. Windshield Replacement on Models with Honda Sensing

    Windshield installers will definitely not know how to calibrate sensing back in working order. It took the dealer 2 days to recalibrate mine and they didn’t even do a good job. It pulls to the left so now I gotta take it back in to have them try again Sensing calibration is priced at 290$
  9. Please read! Verified A/C issue with 1.5L

    Got my car back today. Had the compressor replaced. 1400$ job, however I remembered I had an extended warranty through my credit union and only forked over 100$
  10. Simplify and add lightness or: How I Learned to stop worrying and Love the Base model

    So does anyone know if the red center console illumination will fit the ex-t??? If so I'm picking that up asap!
  11. What did you do to your Civic today?!

    Actually I used Plastidip on the windshield pillars and rustoleum on the seatbelt pillars. I would recommend rustoleum over plasti dip if you decide to go that route. It goes on sooooo smooth. Might require 2-3 more coats than plastidip but totally worth it. I'll take a close up of the 2. I...
  12. What did you do to your Civic today?!

    Blacked out pillars. Just need the time to wrap the seat belt adjuster
  13. Headlights/Fog Lights Preferance

    anyone know if there are any Amber colored fog light options? I've got Amber colored Lamin x overlays and Nokya hyper yellow bulbs and it still isn't as Amber as the side markers.
  14. Removing Intake Resonator Box

    Not very. If you go in planning to saw the thing out, should be a breeze. However if you're going to try and wiggle the thing out prepare for an incredibly frustrating time. Haha as a matter of fact I was so blinded with rage that it was my mom whom actually suggested I chop it up.
  15. Removing Intake Resonator Box

    The resonator is the part I sawed into a few pieces. I jacked the car up and removed the skid plate underneath then pulled the resonator out as far as I could then started sawing. I jus used a small hand saw. Wasn't very difficult at all. Haha however, I did wrestle with that resonator for...
  16. Removing Intake Resonator Box

    Actually the low end is where I feel it the most. Which is why I take her around town everyday so I can get out of the house. I've had a broken ankle for 4 months now. I really want to get a intake (short ram) however my research says that it would bring some loss of power on the low end. So...
  17. Removing Intake Resonator Box

    Personally, since removing the resonator, I feel a gain. It's hard to describe since I've only become interested in cars since purchasing my civic. And it just feel a bit more fun to drive. 4 times a week I take her up to 90 on the freeway and I fly by folks with little effort
  18. Ikon Motorsports Front Lip

    It's a nice lip, however I prefer the garage door/ez lip look, these stick out in a weird way to me. Who knows, maybe all I need is a pic of it on a black sedan
  19. Spotting other Civic owners on the road

    I'm in Los Angeles and see them on the road nearly every time I go out for a drive. Haha of course mine is the best looking one on the road. Literally, because I have yet to see a civic with anything in the way of a mod with the exception for rims and tint. Boy do I love pulling up to a red...
  20. Exhaust Tips

    I actually tossed the brackets and a nut on each screw, then tightened enough so they would not budge after a tug test. I've 'lost' 2 tips already; however, they were both secured using the brackets