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  1. Simple Audio Upgrade [$1000 budget]

    I say get a 5 channel amplifier and better seperqte subwoofer, that subwoofer amp combo is way over priced and not powerful enough..
  2. FIX 86

    I have the 8 speaker system and running an AudioControl DM608 and it sums and you cna play with EQs, it sounds so much better with it
  3. FIX 86

    If you are going aftermarket speakers and amplifier you will need a DSP for summing all the channels bit if you want just a flat signal with no bass roll off you can hondahack your headunit and install Viper4Android
  4. No Shark Fin Antenna in my 2019 Civic LX

    for the sedans the EX and above get it, the cars with the 7 inch touch screen
  5. Honda Civic Touring Audio Upgrade [In Progress]

    you can go to a harbor freight or something and buy a multimeter, they cheap Oscilloscope would be best so you know when you are clipping and if your signal is clean also you may want to set you cross overs too
  6. Honda Civic Touring Audio Upgrade [In Progress]

    Maybe you should of gone with a dual 4 ohm sub (wire to 2ohm)or single 2 ohm sub so you can get more bass, cause I think your speakers might over power your subs Do you have an oscilloscope or multi meter to tune the gains for the amp?
  7. Honda Civic Touring Audio Upgrade [In Progress]

    I duno why but i miss that aftermarket headunit in your post, good luck on the install, the rear speakers are a pain in the ass to change.....
  8. CTKPHD02 for 11/12 speaker system?

    kinda a down grade looks wise, cheap looking
  9. Honda Civic Touring Audio Upgrade [In Progress]

    Since you have the Touring dont you need a DSP to sum all the channels
  10. Viper4Android Install

    its ok with just the Viper but I got the Audiocontrol DM-608 for better tuning, the DM-608 does sound alot better though, but the Viper does remove the bass roll off
  11. Audio lack of bass with aftermarket sub

    you will need an amp and sub if you want to us the audiocontrol lc2i the lc2i is an active line out put converter it is not an amp and it cannot power anything
  12. Do I have rca outputs? 2020 honda civic ex automatic 2.0L

    What amp are you trying to install? if its just a subwoofer amp you can use you a line out converter and tap the rear speakers but if you are installing a multichannel amp you need to tap the source from behind the head unit with some line out converter
  13. Most annoying thing about your 2017 headunit?

    I think you meant $1,000 right? but just buy a used one on ebay and replace it yourself, its easy.
  14. No sound after speaker install

    Weird if one speaker connection is faulty the whole sound system didnt work
  15. No sound after speaker install

    this happened to me once when i installed new speakers on my civic, it was because of a loose connection on one of the speakers, sometimes hitting the speaker area would get the speaker going again but i just rechecked the connections and it worked
  16. Audio lack of bass with aftermarket sub

    just get the audiocontrol lc2i
  17. Audio lack of bass with aftermarket sub

    Our stock head units have Bass Roll off so after a certain point the bass does not increase when the volume does, setting gains wont really help and yes an AudioControl LC2i with ACCUBASS will help. Do you have the 7 inche touch screen? if so you can get hondahack and get android viper4android...
  18. 4 Gauge Amp power wire route

    I used this grommet
  19. Premium audio DSP users

    I used this tool And your DSP might have a phase function so you can just correct it there if some speakers are not on the same phase