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  1. CTR VS Accord Type R Turbo

    Hi, came across this video while searching for new videos lol but credits to whoever the owners are! I really thought the type r would still put some distance but guess not.
  2. How am i running?

    Hi, Did a datalog last night and was wondering if somebody could check it out and make sure everything is running smoothly! It was normalish 15-20 minute driving with a pull in 3rd gear at the end. Any feedback would be much appreciated! Thanks!! ** Had to upload to wetransfer because file...
  3. Thermal R&D Exhaust Defect?!

    Anybody with this exhaust experience burnt/melted middle tip? The bottom on my middle tip is burnt as if my car shoots flames or something lol
  4. KTuner Extended Testing And Tune Results

    Before work every morning i do a nice little pull since the way i go allows for it. It's not a drastic change but you can definitely feel it in the mid range. Town driving just got way more fun :oops:
  5. KTuner Extended Testing And Tune Results

    Now i really have to pull the trigger on the prl downpipe and intercooler!! Currently only running their HVI.
  6. Metallic screetch when turning wheel to the left

    Go to somewhere with a lot of space. Hit that bihh in reverse and slowly tap on your brakes. That will get any rocks in your dust shield out! If not then you're gonna have to take off the wheel to access that section
  7. HONDATA fuel system upgrade

    Why are you being so negative about this lol Just sell your full race turbo kit and wait for PRL. Geez louise
  8. Fk8 rod knock

    Before i came to the 2nd page i already guessed rolling anti-lag and welp, here we are on page 2
  9. HONDATA fuel system upgrade

    6969.69 LMAooooo, didn't know PRL was that freaky ;)
  10. K20C1 Modding & Tuning Megathread: A list of every FK8 Type R aftermarket part and what to expect

    Anybody notice 27WON voted at 426-450HP? MHMHMHMHMH :rolleyes:
  11. New simple Acura driving game

    HOW da hell are people getting 27 secs :O There def has to be a shortcut/glitch somewhere lmao
  12. K20C1 Modding & Tuning Megathread: A list of every FK8 Type R aftermarket part and what to expect

    Pretty sure 500 is not doable without a built block let alone 600 lol
  13. [Need Pics] Red Rally Armor Mudflaps

    Hi, i was wondering if anybody has installed the red version of the rally armor flaps on a black type r. I have seen the black ones and they look good but i wanted to see how the red would look also :oops:
  14. Two tire blow outs in a year

    I haven't had the car for even a year yet, have 6k miles on it and already replaced a wheel lol. I would love to switch to 18's wheels with bigger tires but can't force myself to spend the money. Plus i have yet to find a wheel that catches my attention.
  15. Pushing Direct Injection Limits at 480+whp

    Im asking because it was supposed to be tested on a stock car as well
  16. Pushing Direct Injection Limits at 480+whp

    Just curious, is that just with the upgraded pumps? Or is this with upgraded internals as well?
  17. Tire Skipping?

    Now is it normal to only happen on one side? I have noticed it only does it on the left side? I caught a nasty pothole a few months ago that forced me to get a new rim so i was worried the pothole did more than just destroy my rim
  18. Tire Skipping?

    So long story short, when i am either reversing or going forward slowly with my wheel turned, it almost feels like the car is going over something. Did a search and it seems like this is common? I just want to verify as i have never experienced it. It has a name of "Tire Skipping". Has anybody...
  19. Question about Supporting mods

    Idunno, ask them why they didnt want to release the numbers from the video Hondata did comparing all the intakes?