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  1. Long term/DD experience with stock wheels?

    Pilot Sport Cup 2 is a track tire, not a street tire. You can drive it on the street but it is really meant to be just on a track. PSC2 also doesn't have ideal grip until it is really warmed up. Pilot Sport 4S will last more than twice as long as PSC2 when it comes to street use while still...
  2. Question about track setup for type R

    Stock vs stock the Type R is quicker around most tracks than a modern M3, no need for a tune. The M3 has it on the straights but the Type R has better braking and cornering by enough of a margin to make up for it.
  3. Any 2020 Civic Type R arrived at dealerships?

    To be fair he did say he was 21- as a general rule of thumb and no offense to the poster, a 21 year old has no business driving a car that is as quick as the Type R, someone that inexperienced is just asking for a wreck which is probably why the insurance was that much.
  4. Test drive the Type R?

    It's like a Mega Si. If the thought of that appeals to you, you don't need to test drive it to know. :)
  5. Long term/DD experience with stock wheels?

    I DD on the stock wheels because I like them. It's perfectly doable but you do need to be more careful than with an ordinary car. Never follow closely behind the car in front of you. You do learn where the potholes are on your regular routes pretty quick. If you're driving someplace new you...
  6. What are your complaints with the type R?

    I would have liked blind spot monitoring and heated seats. It's otherwise a perfect car to me.
  7. If you could change one thing about your Si what would it be?

    The rev hang is definitely the worst thing about the stock Si.
  8. Anything to know before going on a canyon run?

    Don't turn traction control off unless you are a very experienced track day enthusiast and know the route like the back of your hand.
  9. 2021 Civic Type R Limited Edition: Ultimate Track-Focused Type R Coming to America

    Any reason the new wheels wouldn't be a straight swap on existing Type Rs? I wonder if they will be more resistant to being bent.
  10. Convince me to buy or not buy 2019 CTR. Am I making a dumb decision?

    From a launch, sure. From a roll, the FWD will blow the AWD out of the water. AWD is not a straight upgrade, AWD fairly significantly increases the weight of the car. The Type R has a better power to weight ratio than the 341 horsepower WRX STI S209 and will beat it from a roll. On the topic of...
  11. Convince me to buy or not buy 2019 CTR. Am I making a dumb decision?

    There's no reason for someone in your position to not get a Type R if you want a Type R. Most places are still selling it over MSRP but you can usually get near MSRP now with some haggling. Everyone's entitled to their opinion- I think suggesting that the non STI WRX or a Mazda 6 is comparable...
  12. Got a Reality Check Today

    The Si is a ~2800 pound car, you don't need to produce a huge amount of power to make it quick. It produces 250 horses with just a tune. That is already a better power to weight ratio than a whole bunch of cars that people would say "yeah that's a quick car" if they hear the name. Si with a TSP...
  13. 2019 CTR Or 2020 CTR? HELP!!!

    Do all the research you can on the differences between the 19 and 20. If the changes to the 20 appeal to you, might as well wait and get the 20. If you don't care about the changes, there's no real reason to not buy the 19 especially if you get a good deal. Either way you're gonna end up with a...
  14. New simple Acura driving game

    I stumbled across this today- it's a simple Acura driving game that's playable on pc or phone from the browser. Perfect Friday time waster.
  15. How hard to keep a white one clean?

    I hear that. Trying to keep the OEM wheels clean is going to be the death of me.
  16. Camaro to Civic, had some questions

    The Consumer Reports reliability is misleading and has been debunked routinely- they take into account all problems reported including ones that aren't real problems or are just the user not understanding how something works. The true way to measure the quality of a car is to look at...
  17. Dilemma I can't Resolve - Please help

    Both are fantastic driver's cars but they offer very different experiences. If you really lust after that open top rear wheel drive feeling I would go for the Miata. If you really appreciate the technical side of cars, the engineering, and track performance potential(even if you never experience...
  18. Got new tires...

    Get Michellin Pilot Sport 4S over replacement OEM. PS4S has better grip in all scenarios(hot, cold, wet, dry) than OEM and the tread is supposed to last 30k miles instead of the 10k of the Conti Sport Contact 6. I run PS4S and could not be happier. I'll keep getting them for as long as I run the...
  19. Remember the "small wing Type R"? It's a EUDM 3 cylinder.

    If I remember correctly, the small wing R that people saw was an actual Type R- wide body, wheels, hood scoop, etc.. This looks like a normal hatch on the outside but with the same small wing that we saw on the camo car.