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  1. Tint Help

    It looks more transparent when looking staight at it, but it's darker when looking at it from an angle, even during the day
  2. Tint Help

    Highly recommend Xpel XR or XR+ Ceramic Tint. I have the XR Ceramic 35% all around and 70% on my front windshield and it's great for keeping the car insulated. The XR+ was crazy efficient at blocking heat, but about $200-300 more expensive to do all my windows and front windshield. Had Llumar...
  3. Max tire width on stock rims?

    225 or 235 is recommended on a 8" wheel with 245 being the largest size to run properly. 255 might not seal properly on the edge of the wheel. Edit: I'm reading on some other forums about people putting 285s on a 8" wheel! You might be able to get away with 255/35. Your rolling diameter would...
  4. What's your SI looking like today?

    You'd be fine. I remember those 2 side pieces popped right off when we swapped out your shifter!
  5. What's your SI looking like today?

    Your interior lights are in a different spot...
  6. What's your SI looking like today?

    Finally got my suede/alcantara armrest pieces delivered today 🤑
  7. Type R with Stage 2 Acuity or Acuity full or Hybrid Racing Full Shifter

    Full shifter doesn't have any noise due to a different design to hold the shifter cable bushing in place. Acuity also recommends tying down the bushings on OEM shifter assemblies to reduce the clicking noise. They have a video showing where to drill holes in the plastic for the zip ties. Also...
  8. Type R with Stage 2 Acuity or Acuity full or Hybrid Racing Full Shifter

    I really like the Full Stage 3 Acuity setup, but I would've stayed with my 2020 CTR shifter + Acuity Stage 2 kit if I could. The 2020 CTR shifter throw is a little shorter than the 2019 CTR and knob height is also lower. With the full Stage 3, everything is very tight. The centering spring is...
  9. Rear Sway Bar: Eibach/Whiteline 22mm or Progress 20.6mm?

    No issues with lift-off oversteer. I installed Ktuned springs and a DC front strut bar at the same time, so that may have alleviated any tendencies to oversteer. I also got the $20 off coupon. Total was $198 shipped straight from Progress.
  10. Rear Sway Bar: Eibach/Whiteline 22mm or Progress 20.6mm?

    Progress also makes a 22.2mm solid bar for the new Accord/Civic. I have one on my Si. It's rated at 740 lb/in. This is almost exactly the same as the Type R OEM RSB.
  11. Can't believe the prototype actually came with real vents

    I'm pissed that we didn't get those big brakes. My damn 05 Acura TL 6mt came with BBK and it was considered the "base" model 😑
  12. Honda Civic Type R (OEM) Photoshoot

    Wow!! These are better than the car magazine pictures 💯
  13. Is Si a cult car?

    I wouldn't call the Si a "culty car". Definitely reserved for something like a WRX. Those guys live, breathe and sh!t Subaru. I would definitely call the Si an Enthusiast's car. Since it ONLY comes in a manual transmission, especially in this day and age, it's built to appeal to a certain...
  14. Should I buy a 2020 Si????

    You should veto their veto, since you're probably paying for more than 2/3rds of the car 😂
  15. Kansas FS: Morimoto XB LED (Type S) 5500k fogs

    Nope, you can just pop off the black fake vent trim pieces that surround the fogs. Edit: Sorry, those instructions work for an Si/Hatch. Not sure how involved fog light replacement is on the lower trim bumpers.
  16. Kansas FS: Morimoto XB LED (Type S) 5500k fogs

    Yes! Still available.
  17. Help me from getting bored!!!

    IIRC, the Mishimoto FMIC requires modification to an OEM deflector and you'd need to buy a new one to revert to factory. Just a heads up if you do plan on getting it and then wanting to sell it!
  18. Ethanol Sensor Spikes, high 1.30 kctrl, Coolant Gauge Disappearing, and Diagnosis/Fix!

    Good job on the quick troubleshooting :thumbsup: A bad ground connection is a common problem when installing aftermarket electronics like HID kits and amps and such.
  19. Best Weighted Shift Knob?

    If you don't want a metal one that will burn up your hand in the summer, I'd recommend the Superklasse or 27won leather knobs. They both offer black leather + red stitched ones to match the Si & CTR interiors. I personally have a Superklasse Runabout knob and I love it. It's at around 350g...
  20. Click Sound during upshifting

    Acuity made a video showing the noise coming from the shifter cable bushing on the shifter. Their fix involved drilling holes in the shifter and securing the bushing with zip ties. Perrin also has a fix but it's a little pricey: