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  1. WTB: OEM shift knob for 2018 hatchback

    Do you still have it by a chance?
  2. Type R retrofit clutch

    If you talking about throw out bearing. You can go to local honda and pick it up. It's not expensive. I paid like $30
  3. Type R retrofit clutch

    That's correct part. It's call catch bearing aka Throw Bearing. I replaced mine before installing the clutch. If that's what MPIR413 was talking about the whole time. Yeah you can go to local Honda and buy that . Again, our car don't use Pilot Bearing.
  4. Type R retrofit clutch

    Yeah let him learn. He just have to remove the case and see it for himself.
  5. Type R retrofit clutch

    I'm trying to tell you. That you don't need it. I got the shop to installed this on my sport hatchback without pilot bearing. It's just sits in the crank
  6. Anyone from Minnesota?

    My car is tucked in the garage too. I'm down to meet this spring.
  7. Fs

    Yeah the height is slight taller. No issue installing it for stock collar. 5min job. If you have acuity aftermarket collar. You have to use a nylon washer under the shift knob to increase the height to have the collar grab on. That's what I used to install it on mine. I can provide that because...
  8. Fs

    Nothing wrong with it. I just don't want it anymore. I like my console to look stock. My car basically a sleeper with PRL turbo
  9. Fs

    Not yet If u want it I do it for $60 shipped. Lmk
  10. PRL Motorsports 2016+ 1.5T Civic Coolant Hose Upgrade Kit

    They are red 100%. That's what I have on my car
  11. Fs

    you correct but it cost like 10 dollar to ship i just lowered it
  12. PRL Motorsports Bolt-On Big Turbo Upgrade Kit

    I am running catted downpipe on my kit too.
  13. Civic Type R Clutch Retrofit Details and Progress

    @Hondanickx Here's Mine I installed it on my fk7 with Garrett 2860 PRL Turbo kit
  14. 2018 Hatchback Sport Track Build 290whp

    Very nice mods
  15. PRL Motorsports Front Pipe - Fitment Rattle - Installation error?

    Yeah it sucks but I was hoping It would fit everything in place but that's not the case. Maybe i got a bad one. I bought it when it first came out. Overall I'm please with the performance with my setup but I feel like RV6 front and down pipe quality control is better. I had their down pipe and...
  16. PRL Motorsports Front Pipe - Fitment Rattle - Installation error?

    I cut the hanger piece off on the front pipe since it don't reach to the factory rubber peice
  17. Anyone from Minnesota?

    7am-11am beginning of every month. They just had it yesterday on September 7th. location at Mystic Lake is at the new Parking lot on the right side of the building. I don't know if they will have another C&C this year but let's hope next month The picture I posted is from North Carolina
  18. Fs

  19. Anyone from Minnesota?

    You should go to wake the dragon meet. I'm planning to go back next year. Bunch of 10th gen civic and the road is fun as hell to ride on. The road is called Tails of the Dragon. I went there last year. There's raffle prizes too. They will announce the event when it's near date. So far for honda...