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  1. Si Coupe Armrests

    I removed these with less than 300 miles on the vehicle and replaced them. Great for a project or replacement of your damaged arm rest. Retail new is 72.30 for both. Should work on other models but verify before buying. Thanks. Selling for 40$ shipped to lower 48. Thanks
  2. Type R Front Red Honda Emblems-2

    If you have a Coupe it uses the Type R front emblem on the front and rear. I did attach them. I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend buying some plastic pry tools (Harbor Freight if nothing else). Use blue painters tape and tape the body paint around the emblem. Pry gently from both sides of the...
  3. Si has left the building

    My apologies. They were sold to a member who inquired yesterday. I tried pricing things for a quick and fair deal for me and the buyer. Everything has been sold, it was a nice experience owning the Si
  4. Type R Front Red Honda Emblems-2

    My apologies. Have been sold
  5. Genuine Honda Type R Center Wheel Caps/Inserts
  6. Si has left the building

    Traded a Platinum Maxima in to reduce payment. I could list the differences but there are many. Buying another Maxima or Murano in same trim level. Bad costly mistake but incentives are good
  7. Si has left the building

    Front and Back H emblems are available. Please refer to this thread and pm me
  8. H11 Morimoto Elite Complete HID kit

    I sold my car.
  9. H11 Morimoto Elite Complete HID kit

    Thanks. Waiting on the above reply to roger up. They are sooooo much better than the halogens. One of the best mods I did.
  10. Type R Front Red Honda Emblems-2

    No, but you can find then relatively cheap on Ebay.
  11. Ktuner V1 Vittuned Si Stage 1 combo

    Sale pending
  12. Si has left the building

    Yea. Thats how I feel.
  13. H11 Morimoto Elite Complete HID kit

    All the instructions are online. There is a link on the included card. Probably 500 miles on car, rarely at night. Id guess 10 hours of use. Please send me a PM and I will provide a paypal address. Install is fairly simple.
  14. Leather Center Console pad and side trim

    Yes but use painters tape and do it before you install them. It will save you a lot of trouble.