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  1. LED headlights interfering with radio

    Happens with cheap LED bulbs. go with car lighting district. I did and no radio interferance ;)
  2. OEM LED vs Aftermarket HID?

    You can also opt of aftermarket LED conversion kits. I know, some may say the output is not as good as HIDs in regular halogen projector or reflector headlights, but the guys at Car Lighting District address this concern. For your projector headlight, this H11 Helios LED Conversion kit gives...
  3. Help on Choosing Pure White(LED or HID) Headlights for 2016 Civic EX Model

    That picture is pretty funny! Also photoshopped or affected by the camera. These LED conversion kits from Car Lighting District mimic a halogen filament, so in reflector headlights, these kits do not produce excessive glare for oncoming drivers. They call them their Kong LED Conversion kits...
  4. best LED headlight bulbs?

    Low beams use H11's and fog lights H11's as well. Check these out : Do you have projector low beams ? if so, try Car Lighting District's Helios series If...
  5. Supernova V.4 LED Headlights

    For projector headlights, Car Lighting District's Helios LED conversion kits are incredible. They are honestly the brightest kits out there - installed these and i am not looking back. They told me these kits come with a...
  6. Headlight LED Recommendation

    The Kong LED conversion kits mimic a halogen filament, so in reflector headlights, they do not produce excessive glare like most of the other brands out there. May be a little higher priced but is a great investment for your vehicle...
  7. Anyone using 2stroke 2.0 LEDs for foglights?

    Here's a front end shot of the Kong's and another of their LED conversion kits (Helios). I rock on all vehicles I equip with LEDs
  8. Led fog lights

    The kits from Car Lighting District ( are awesome. I like these over the majority of LED conversion kits out there.
  9. Moon roof and window visors?

    For your fog lights, I recommend the kits from Car Lighting District ( They really work great and provide much more safety with the increased lighting power.
  10. Condensation in foglights with LED's ?

    This most likely caused by the seal as you've stated being either not 'thick' enough or too far off from where the 3 tabs lock into the headlight housing. I use Car Lighting District's LED conversion kits on all of my vehicles and installs and they are fantastic. Everything fits like OEM and...
  11. Anyone using 2stroke 2.0 LEDs for foglights?

    The morimoto's look good but there is also this company called Car Lighting District which offers a wide variety of LED conversion kits for all applications. Their new Kong LED conversion kits really rock for fog lights.
  12. What LED foglights are you Using?

    Car Lighting Distrit's new Kong LED conversion kits are really cool. Great technology in terms of heat dissipation and very stable lighting. 100% plug and play!