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  1. Urgent - Car Won't Start After Flash

    A flash shouldn't drain the battery. The battery probably was already low or near it's final days before the flash. Tho I also think that in Europe we have better batteries due to start&stop technology requirements.
  2. problem with my Front pipe

    Probably not. Do you have photos of the damage? what code is the ECU throwing?
  3. PRL vs Injen vs Mishimoto

    PRL v2 and mishimoto are both good options, choose the cheaper with pipes. injen is less efective.
  4. 2.0L FK8 Eco Tune?

    Try to not get too much boost. Best tune for efficiency for me would be very fast throttle response with lower boost targets, and ultimately your right foot control...
  5. Honda CR-V AWD 1.5T RW2 EUDM

    Finally. Now drive it to Spain hehe
  6. P0046 code

    That may be a broken wire on the EWG or a problem with the EWG itself.
  7. [Resolved] Not hitting boost target

    That could make sense why the EWG actuator tries to close it all the time. I thought that would be already checked, good to know.
  8. [Resolved] Not hitting boost target

    I don't see any indicator of a major leak on the logs. Then it is reasonable to think the DBV is recirculating some air loosing turbo efficiency, but could be other things. I don't see any reason to change the spark plugs other than high mileage or high wear, it never hurts to check and change...
  9. [Resolved] Not hitting boost target

    It is needed for the PRL turbo kit.
  10. [Resolved] Not hitting boost target

    I'm not a profesional but taking a look at your first log: AFR and fuel trims are spot on with it's targets so I think it's unlikely to be a leak.(not sure if I'm missing something on that chain) EWG remains closed to try to achieve the targeted boost. No concerning misfires or knock. Do you...
  11. Update on my Boosted K20C2

    No one hate a k20c2 boosted 😂 I love it. just seen histories full of lies and that's bad for the community and for someone wanting to build a similar setup.
  12. Update on my Boosted K20C2

    What's your evidence? You can tune K20C2 with ktuner, but not for boost. You can adjust fueling thanks to the MAF and ignition timing but you can't control boost (need an external controller) and the ECU can't read boost so it won't be tuned properly, but it will run. Similar to a piggyback...
  13. W1 Turbo Alarming Failure Rate

    2000 miles aprox. It was installed by a professional local shop so I guess it just money for the installs, I decided to put the stock turbo while the warranty is handled since I needed the car. The purchase was shipped 1st of October. The most dramatic thing on my failure is the exhaust wheel...
  14. W1 Turbo Alarming Failure Rate

    Do you happen to have photos of the failed turbo? Im in a very similar situation, they seem very nice to the customer which is nice. Mine is just being handled by vlad and will send me a replacement W1 today, which on this dates you could dream on some bigger companies.
  15. Purchased my first mods (Hondata and PRL intake) - 2016 Civic 1.5 Turbo CVT

    Brake boosting means to accelerate to put load on the engine and spool the turbo while you brake (so you manintain the same speed and when you lift the brake pedal the turbo is spooled and accelerate without any turbo lag), but that puts a lot of stress on the transmission, so that's why is not...
  16. The Tuned CivicX Experience & Reliability Thread (for all models)

    Thanks GTman Likely 280whp or what the dyno say at 24psi with our 98 RON gasoline. It pulls nicely to the redline with zero knock control rise already and the tune is not finished yet. I will ask for multi boost map to lower the boost to like 20 psi at the track. Let's see how it ends, it's...
  17. The Tuned CivicX Experience & Reliability Thread (for all models)

    Here is my update: Recently installed 27won W1 Turbo + RaceMAF + Downpipe + InletPipe and a Mfactory LSD. Just being e-tuned by Drob. Vehicle: 2017 Civic Sport (EUDM) L15BA MT ECU: 5AN-G23 Gas: 98 RON E5 (Repsol or Shell only) / Repsol 100 Octane at the track LTFT: -3 / -5 (Still tuning in...
  18. K-Tuner v1.2 remembering tune

    I recommend buying an OBD extension cable and locate the ktuner unit under the central console. I used to hit the unit with my foot.
  19. [Feature Request] Closed loop at WOT on european ECUs

    Yes please, my support for this request!! G23 ECU here...