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  1. California Bikstein B14 for hatchback $750

    Do you have pics of the height you were at? Been looking at getting these for my hatch. Any other input about them would be appreciated!
  2. New Jersey For Sale: Falken Azenis RT660 on Stock Wheels.

    Are these 235's? They look like 245's
  3. California Selling Navifly M400 head unit

    Bump. Which unit are you going with?
  4. Florida Si wheels found

    I believe he originally made a WTB thread but edited the post lol
  5. Koni Shocks - "Yes, hopefully pretty soon"

    Anyone know if we have an update from Koni?
  6. The Tuned CivicX Experience & Reliability Thread (for all models)

    Vehicle: 2018 6MT Sport Total tuned time: ~4 months Total tuned mileage: 8,000 miles (TSP @ ~26k miles, Phearable @ ~30k) Currently closing in on 34k miles Tuning device(s) used: KTuner v1.2 Tunes used: TSP Stage 1, Phearable Stage 1.5 Fuel used: Shell/Sunoco 93 Additional engine mods: PRL...
  7. Virginia Tanabe Stut Bar

    What part of VA are you in @Crstfr ?
  8. 2017 Hatch Sport on Swift Sport Springs

    Hey @hatchboost - looks great man! Did you purchase a camber kit as well?
  9. Swift Spec R Springs on Sport Hatch review

    @powerwing how are you liking this setup after a few months? Did you end up installing an Si sway bar?
  10. Largest brakes for the Civic Hatchback Sport?

    I've seen someone on here upgrade to Si rotors/calipers up front. That seems like the best bang for the buck upgrade
  11. WTB Hatchback mats,visors, seat covers, and more

    I have a set of brand new OEM visors still in box. PM me if interested
  12. Help finding a part number, please :)

    GARNISH, L. FR. FOGLIGHT - Honda (71108-TBA-A10)
  13. New Acuity Shift Boot Collar Upgrade

    Do you have any pics with the knob installed by any chance?
  14. Looking for Full Leather Aftermarket Shift Knob for Si

    This one seems like a good candidate! @MrHeeltoe
  15. Hondata FlashPro is now CARB legal

    That's what I figured, thank you for the quick answer!
  16. New Acuity Shift Boot Collar Upgrade

    Very nice! Hellraisingvtec, is that a fastline performance shift knob?