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  1. SiriMoto Front Strut Bar for All 10th Gen Civics

    Nice strut bar - where is this manufactured?
  2. 2017 1.5 MT Dyno Results

    Hmmm, I'm trying to translate what was said above as well but unable to. Maybe (E) = Ecstasy?
  3. Delete

    Somewhat too pricey still - have you considered Braille?
  4. First Oil Change

    planedoc, can you explain this? My understanding from Blackstone Labs was that one needed to do this to a get a baseline for the vehicle from new.
  5. 3rd Brake Light Replacement

    Been there, done that - even a really red LED bulb is not as bright as the OEM LED assembly unfortunately.
  6. Hondata Introduces Reflash for the 2016 Civic 1.5T Turbo

    Flashpro due Dec 12 for those interested
  7. New Civic. Thinking ahead to the first oil change

    Available here & here I buy in bulk to stock up for future oil changes. The A01 revision is made by Filtech while the current A02 is made by Fram, which features lower...
  8. 5000km oil changes!!???

    Why not wait till 5,000km or is it not going to be free at that point?
  9. New Civic. Thinking ahead to the first oil change

    You'll want to stick with 0W-20. Pennzoil Ultra Platinum or Mobile 1 Extended Performance are both very good. For oil filter, use Honda 15400-PLM-A01.
  10. New Civic vs Used German Cars

    Agreed. My E90 335i ran like a beast before the HPFP gave out & BMW settled when there was a class action lawsuit because of the HPFP failures for 2007-09 models. I probably had between $20-30K in mods on that car (I was able to recoup most of the cost when I returned her back to stock). One of...
  11. New Civic vs Used German Cars

    2017 Subaru BRZ with Performance Package option. If you need more power, Jackson Racing makes a nice supercharger package for it.
  12. New Civic vs Used German Cars

    Having owned E90 BMWs (335i & 328i) & currently a W203 C230 Mercedes, your maintenance costs will be significantly lower with the Civic than the Bimmers. Yes, my Euro rides have the edge in performance & quality but when they do break, you better have a trust fund or an extended warranty at the...
  13. Oil: What are you using? Conventional/Synthetic, Castrol/Royal Purple, etc.

    Since you have 1.5T engine, check this out
  14. VSA recall Finished

    Did you bring your issues to the dealership owner to have it resolved?
  15. VSA recall Finished

    Looks like the service techs at your dealership knew what they were doing - thanks for the update!
  16. VSA recall Finished

    How long did it take them to do the update?
  17. Warranty worth it?

    At 50% off the regular price, it's cheap insurance for potential problems down the road - get the longest one you can. Mine was US$1,035 for 8yr coverage. Here is what is covered (note: check for particular...
  18. Horrible sales/service experience. Who do I contact if dealer isn't helping?

    Sorry to hear of your problems. Try the following resources: FL State Attorney General Consumer Protection Division Florida Better Business Bureau (click on the arrow next to...