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  1. Si Misfires Under Hard Acceleration, Flashing CEL & Limp Mode But No Codes (KTuner v2)

    2019 Platinum White Pearl Honda Civic Si Coupe (2019 PWP FC3) I have had a few instances previously where hard acceleration was producing an abnormal engine & exhaust note/sound plus an increase in knock count of single digit intervals during the same acceleration event. Nothing showed out of...
  2. 2019 Civic Si Headlight Replacement?

    These are from my mixture of Auxito from Amazon (had the Auxito AIO hi & low headlights too) but ended up buying the Touring from @Unity Performance to kinda beta test them originally. While the Auxito are super nice, I love the sequential turn so I’m over the moon & have been for well over a...
  3. TIP 27 won - Prl

    I almost did the same because I was out of the car scene for a while and Injen = good back then…maybe still are but continuing to sell a CAI with known issues isn’t good in my eyes & they won’t get $ from me because of it. Fix it & release again. Easy-peasy. I have the 27Won and want the...
  4. TPMS reset without screen?

    @EasyFrag I sent you a DM bc I’m trying to source a solution to the ‘19 Si sluggish HU blues…
  5. Any experience with buddy club steering wheel?

    Yeah my custom CF wheel from a CTR donor has rips in the leather from me driving with my knee.
  6. 9" Aftermarket Android Head Unit (Feature Overview / Installation)

    This is the first solid evidence I’ve seen of a bypass and it supposedly working. Is that bypass really the solution? I sent you a PM
  7. Axxess AXDSPX-HN3 specs: bypass amp on 12 speaker audio of Sport Touring/Type R?

    I hate to think I’m necro’ing a thread but this has been the best discussion I can find. I thought about ripping out the amp, speakers & sub then starting over but seems I’d lose a ton going to a no-name android HU since I have an Si. I know computers & high level networking, not car audio, so...
  8. California Selling Navifly M400 head unit

    eh I'm interested, I'll DM you.
  9. Illinois [SOLD] FS: Wilwood Big Brake Kit **PRICE DROP** $600 SHIPPED!

    Hello, yes they did. Sorry, I need to mark them sold & had forgotten.
  10. California Random parts for sale

    So basically all I’d need is your rotors & the Acura RL calipers and I’m good to go?
  11. Massachusetts Selling Seibon Carbon Fiber Hood

    Will this fit a 2019 Si Coupe? hood scoop functional? Wiper fluid re-routing must be done why?
  12. California Random parts for sale

    Would the 350z rotors fit a 2019 Si? I know some do the Genesis Brembo conversion but not seen the 350z stuff (admittedly been away for a while bc of work and family).
  13. The Tuned CivicX Experience & Reliability Thread (for all models)

    Update as of July 4th, 2021 Vehicle: 2019 Civic Si Coupe Total tuned time: 15 months Total tuned mileage: 33,000+ miles Tuning device(s) used: KTuner v2 (the one and only tool to use IMO) Tunes used: KTuner 21/23 Basemap (previously), Two Step Performance Stage 1 Tune on Map 3 (currently)...
  14. Illinois [SOLD] FS: Wilwood Big Brake Kit **PRICE DROP** $600 SHIPPED!

    Oops, was trying to edit it quickly in-between meetings. 🙏 Thank you for noticing lol. $600 & it's yours :p It would be -$800 to $-850 for me at that point probably haha. That will teach me to edit a message quickly and in-between meetings o_O
  15. California FS Exedy stage 2 Clutch 2016+ Civic 1.5t

    How’s your Stage 1 holding up? And what mods do you have? Free bump
  16. Illinois [SOLD] FS: Wilwood Big Brake Kit **PRICE DROP** $600 SHIPPED!

    My apologies for the delayed response. Measure your rotor to the back of the wheel, you’ll need at least 2.25” of clearance according to Brian from Fast Brakes. I’ll message you as well. Thank you, Drew
  17. Illinois [SOLD] FS: Wilwood Big Brake Kit **PRICE DROP** $600 SHIPPED!

    Bump. Get these out of my home. Shoot me an offer!