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  1. Katana LED H11 Headlight Review

    No issues at all. They're working just fine and the fans are noticeably quieter on the Fahrens (to be expected since the fans haven't built up dirt and dust from the engine bay).
  2. Anyone else turn off instrument display gauge?

    Sometimes when I feel like the display is too busy, I just switch it over to the boost gauge. Keeps it cleaner but still somewhat informative.
  3. Katana LED H11 Headlight Review

    Sorta revisiting this thread... I recently bought a new set of LED bulbs off Amazon called Fahren LED H11 bulbs and I'm really satisfied with the update. The Katanas have been great but the fans were getting loud or maybe I just started noticing them more but I saw the Fahrens and they're...
  4. Poll: Are you keeping your 10th Gen or getting an 11th Gen?

    So, I'm near the end of my lease for my EX hatch... I'm genuinely curious to know if other current 10th Gen owners (leasing or buying) are planning to keep their 10th Gen Civics - sedan or hatch - instead of getting an 11th Gen Civic. I have a 2019 Civic Hatch EX and honestly it's been a...
  5. Launch Control with CVT

    In short, there is no launch control. But, if you set brake hold, you will get a slightly faster launch since you’re not transitioning your foot from brake to gas pedal. And also put the car in S gear.
  6. No Shark Fin Antenna in my 2019 Civic LX

    The sedan LX doesn't appear to have the sharkfin antenna. The LX hatchback does. hth
  7. Are there any LED lights that aren't super bright and are warmer than 6000 K. Preferably 4500 or 5000 K

    I agree with @chuenoona. Get HIDs if you want a warmer color temp than LEDs. You can get HIDs that practically shine yellow but that's probably too warm a color temp. You can get one at 4,000 Kelvin color temp and will look white but not bluish white like the LEDs. And frankly the HIDs typically...
  8. Do you drive with your fogs?

    I have the lamin-x yellow film on mine and they are on whenever my headlamps are on... The yellow tint is a nice contrast for oncoming cars for safety, imo.
  9. Brake hold function .

    Once I come to a stop, I take my foot off the brake pedal and that's it.
  10. 1 thing you hate about your 10th gen civic?

    replace the halogens with some decent LED bulbs and you'll be much happier with the illumination at night.
  11. Brake hold function .

    I'm weird but I love Brake Hold. Use it almost all the time. That said, I've never had the car creep or move while it's engaged. Might wanna have a tech check it out.
  12. Meguiar's Hybrid Ceramic Wax 2 Months Later

    I've been touting Meguiar's Hybrid Ceramic Wax (spray) for awhile. It's good stuff. So easy to use and results are impressive. I've also tried Turtle Wax's version and though it's also very good, I prefer Meguiar's.
  13. Ceramic Coating or Paint Protection Film?

    Thing is, both are different in purpose. Ceramic coating will keep the luster and deep shine of the paint. But CC won't stop a rock or debris from dinging your car. Paint Protection Film will likely stop certain rock chips from damaging the paint. If you go that route, I'd think you would want...
  14. HUD Kit on aliX

    Yeah, looking at the info on the link, the readout can be in Chinese or English. I think your Civic has to have navigation as a feature like in the touring models for it to show that info on the screen.
  15. Are you still happy with your Civic?

    I've had a 10th gen since 2016 - first an EX sedan and now a '19 EX hatch. I really like the hatch more and with it equipped with Honda sensing it's made longer drives a little nicer and safer.
  16. Ceramic coating- worth it?

    Tried both and I prefer the Meguiar's just because. The Turtle is very good though.
  17. Katana LED H11 Headlight Review

    Your bulbs are H11 and the Katanas will fit fine.
  18. Added another car to the family fleet

    That's a lot of potential fun for $3,300. Nice pickup, man. A buddy of mine has a Mini convertible with the supercharger. He added a lightweight pulley, air intake and lighter wheels and his Mini is a little beast of a ride.
  19. Water spots

    Yeah, I hear ya. I'm weird in that I actually enjoy detailing my ride. It's like therapy for me! haha. I mentioned Pan the Organizer but I also recommend watching vids from The Car Cleaning Guru. He is super detail oriented and is like over the top in detailing the most minute detail on a car...
  20. Water spots

    I can only speak to what I've used and the Ceramic spray wax is outstanding. Start with the cleanest surface you can and apply a base coat after your wash. Every subsequent wash, all you really need to do is spray on the wax and rinse. The collection of water drops and the dispersing of water...