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  1. California WANTED: 2017-2020 oem hatchback strut/spring

    I’m interested I messaged you, people, still post if you have a spare setup to sell.
  2. California WANTED: 2017-2020 oem hatchback strut/spring

    Lmk how many miles on them when removed and price you’re seeking Southern California - ie/oc/la My car is 40k miles, was stolen 5k miles ago and suspension wore out when they hit multiple dips.
  3. California WANTED: prl flex fuel kit

    Preferably local to Orange County Shipped works too from reputable seller
  4. California For sale : flex fuel and afe catless downpipe set up

    290 shipped sounds coo. To riverside
  5. CVT slip - possible occurance with no damage?

    Hi. Decided to run map3 after driving 2 minutes to a drive thru, sitting in that drive thru for 15 minutes or so, then giving it a good pull Went to 5000rpm, then boom it dropped back down really heavy didn’t feel anything out of the ordinary but I’m wondering if this is cvt slip. I’m pretty...
  6. California Free Pickup: Si Intercooler for 2016-2021 Civic

    Sweet! I’d appreciate it
  7. California Free Pickup: Si Intercooler for 2016-2021 Civic

    can i pick up both asap? - if someone local in LA picks up or wants to, that’s coo too
  8. California [WANTED] - Sonic Grey Pearl type r wing/spoiler

    Looking to pick up in the so-cal area
  9. California 27won shift knob

    I’ll pick up 27won shift knob for 40.
  10. California FK7 Stock Sport Exhaust - $25

    Donate this to my broke ass with an LX
  11. Daks' Excellent Custom Interior Adventure

    Yessss, let me know how i can get those patterns man!
  12. New Phearable 1.5T Non-Si Race Tune

    yeah I’ve only seen 1 failure that caught my eye in the thread but as you said It’s usually a sub 25 year old running more than 23-24psi abusing the shit out of it Or those running random bov etc ill Have to get the pherable and see what I’m missing out on, I’ll do a nice update on that thread
  13. New Phearable 1.5T Non-Si Race Tune

    Considering these are likely tested on vehicles with the L15B7 Would it be wise to stay away from specific tunes/maps? even on a ktuner base map, i don’t think I’ve had the balls to max the settings. On my old ex-t and Si, that wasn’t a problem but this damn fk7 motor and it’s weaker...
  14. KTuner, TunerView, and TunerView Lite Updates - [CVT Temps]

    thank you Arizona is such weird place to try to get a breath of fresh air, it almost hurts it’s so dry. I’m in cali. It is pretty hot but god damn
  15. CVT Temp Available on External OBDII

    At what temp on the cvt do you wanna back off?
  16. 1.5T L15BA Rebuild information

    Hello all, I’m going to try to start learning about our l15 motor and see the multiple routes we can go with our fk7 hatch. Bare with me, As i will gather what I can over the course of my personal project Poor mans: rebuild motor before rod throws Middle class: pick up l15b7 from ex-t...
  17. 300whp on cvt civic?

    I feel like the safe limits for a fk7 would be a -cai -fmic -flex fuel????? -bigger turbo but tq and hp limited, bigger turbo for a healthier flow
  18. 1.5T CVT KTuner General Questions

    Since TQ is limited on ktuner flex fuel base maps, with HP being raised, these would be just as safe as 87-91 octane tunes yeh?