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  1. catless dp + defouler = no CEL?

    Did the window fill trick on a brand new one. I noticed some improvement but I really want to get a legit RMM soon.
  2. catless dp + defouler = no CEL?

    Yea we talked about this. With the car being such high mileage I thought it best to add bolt ons first and then a tuner so that, so I'm not running on full of OEM components. My dp/for is aFe and I got a P0420 code last night. Change the spark plugs for good measure and clear the code. It...
  3. catless dp + defouler = no CEL?

    Yea but I don't have a tuner yet Putting bolt ons 1st then I might get a tuner. Car has 175k so I'm on the fence about tuning it
  4. catless dp + defouler = no CEL?

    For my algebra homies.. Or anyone that can answer tbh Will having a defouler on a catless dp prevent a CEL?
  5. $5000 worth of damage

    Hyperbole? and compassionate? You're erudite and empathic. Keep spreading the light, man.
  6. $5000 worth of damage

    Just hear me out... OP doesn't want a collision listed when he sells/trades it -- I think we can all agree this is something no one wants While the other drivers insurance will cover the repair, OP's civic depreciates in value because of the collision. Buying used and salvaged parts, then...
  7. $5000 worth of damage

    Oh, I missed the headlamp. Same story tho, there's a fb of 10th parts and people let the OE lamps go for cheap. Or, might be time to upgrade the headlamps.
  8. $5000 worth of damage

    I'll chime in, considering I've had similar damage. Look everywhere possible for a color matched font bumper cover and fender. I was able to get the bumper cover for $100 and fender for $120. The bumper was an easy R&R -- the fender was more difficult. 100% possible with basic tools
  9. K tuner keep me from getting gapped by Gen Coupe?

    Dude, your knowledge about these vehicles and the performance and tuning process is incredibly valuable, bar none. I am simply want to personally thank you for everything you have contributed to these thread. I have learned a lot from your posts. And it is selfish of me to say this, but I...
  10. K tuner keep me from getting gapped by Gen Coupe?

    I've been reading a lot about the Phearable tune on here. Is that only available on k tuner?
  11. New York *Updated* Selling Full Audio Upgrade!!

    Like, that 12" wouldn't fit in the OE sub bezel... so I have to buy a box or something?
  12. New York *Updated* Selling Full Audio Upgrade!!

    All of em. Stock sounds like shit. I'm 97% sure I can install myself... but I've never done audio upgrades - just replace OE speakers. Wish you had a write up of installation. And would this even work in my '16 touring?
  13. New York *Updated* Selling Full Audio Upgrade!!

    Price drop is nice but I'm in Texas so I will have to consider the shipping costs
  14. K tuner keep me from getting gapped by Gen Coupe?

    I was on the track in my local Town against a gen Coupe, which I think was a 3.8... and I definitely got gapped. Anyone here with experience against a gen Coupe running a ktuner? I also did another pull earlier tonight with Eclipse with a 2.0 Turbo and he got me off to lunch but I was...
  15. Selling all Mods on my 2019 Civic Si Sedan...back to stock!!

    Whoa! I just noticed a few other members in here have been banned as well. Crazy.
  16. Texas For Sale: Goodridge Steel Brake Lines

    My unsolicited advice, do your research and confirm these will fit your application.
  17. Texas For Sale: Goodridge Steel Brake Lines

    Holy hell. I just spoke to someone at buy brakes and jeez was his customer service horrible. I told them I saw someone posted they purchased steel brake lines from their website for their 2017 civic but it was located in New York. And I was simply calling to cross-reference the part numbers to...
  18. Facebook group for 10th gen parts in TEXAS

    I'm on another fb group and all the posts are from Cali or NYC. So, I made my own. Join if you'd like.
  19. Anyone has a non-damaged hood? Anything??

    I'm scared to. I don't own a sander, don't know how to sand, don't know how much to sand off, or sand evenly. I'm scared I'll ruin it more than it already is. If I knew how to sand it myself and wrap it myself, I would. But youtube got me in this mess and I'm not trusting youtube for anymore...