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  1. Prices going up higher for the CTR!

    I was randomly looking at one early last year for like $87k. Figured I'd think about it for a few months. That same car is now well over $100k.
  2. The Shadow Type R Build

    Lol well I already cut down to near bantamweight territory in past two months, so I'm not getting any thinner unfortunately. Based on this though, it sound like I can just jack the rear up and slide ramps under to give me the clearance that I need. It's still weird though - everything feels...
  3. The Shadow Type R Build

    I appreciate the insight. I generally have the car in the air before loosening anything - would you recommend loosening the connections with the wheels on the ground instead? I'm not sure that I can fit under there without the car jacked up, and I'd imagine that putting the rear wheels on ramps...
  4. The Shadow Type R Build

    I think that I'm in the minority, but I hate that my RV6 Rear Sway bar is so noisy. I've checked it several times - all connections are super tight, but it constantly makes rattling noises when going over small bumps. My car sounds super broken now.
  5. Ohio Awe touring exhaust both mid pipes

    $800 is a great deal. Is this still for sale, and if so, would you be willing to ship for the added cost?
  6. Steering stiffness mod?

    Just came across this thread. Would you happen to know if the change from one pinion to another is specific to +R mode (with Comfort and Sport being grouped on the other setting)?
  7. To Mod or not to mod

    I am fully modded with all engine bolt ons, a custom tune, lightweight 18 inch wheels, and some suspension upgrades as well (Whiteline ALK, RV6 Rear Sway Bar). I do sometimes regret modding for a few reasons: - The balance of the car is way different with 383 whp than it was stock. I had my...
  8. Re-enabling O2 sensor for inspection

    I drove a bunch after reenabling the sensor (with a new flash) and it showed as ready. Without a defouler, yours may end up coming back on quickly, but it's possible that you'll get away without one.
  9. For Si Owners Only: Si vs. Type R --- Would You Give Up Your Si, if Type R was Available for MSRP?

    You're talking about installing a CAI on a Type R? Not sure what videos you're watching but it's a 20 min job tops. There is no lower airbox or resonator on the R's intake - it's literally just a box that pops out with three bolts. I've easily taken mine in and out repeatedly for various jobs...
  10. For Si Owners Only: Si vs. Type R --- Would You Give Up Your Si, if Type R was Available for MSRP?

    I think that you might have your info about putting a CAI in reversed. Removing the factory airbox from my old SI and installing a PRL Cobra CAI was a massive PITA. There was one bolt at the bottom of the lower airbox that points directly downwards and only has about 1 cm of clearance, and it's...
  11. Track specific Wheel/Tire setup

    I've been running on Cup 2's for both back roads and daily fun. They provide mountains of grip, but I find that in day to day driving, they feel like driving on jello. I got them because I wanted the stiffest sidewalls I could find to maintain the stock feel when I went to 18-in wheels. But...
  12. New Acura Integra posted by Honda

    Hoping for the drivetrain of the TLX Type S but in a much lighter, smaller form factor.
  13. Torque Steer Discussion

    I switched to 265/35R18 Michelin Sport Cup 2's on 18" +45 Titan 7 wheels. I'm also running a custom tune putting out 383 whp/400+ wtq. On the stock wheels/tires with that power output, my torque steer was very minimal. Once I switched to the 18's, I don't know if it's the sticky nature of the...
  14. Does tire wear/different tires change steering feel?

    After weeks of trying to convince myself that I couldn't possibly be getting torque steer on +45 wheels, I've finally admitted it to myself. On the OEM Contis, I could do a WOT pull in 3rd on my custom tune and track straight as an arrow. With my +45 wheels wrapped in Cup 2's, the car will...
  15. Does tire wear/different tires change steering feel?

    I've seen videos showing that Cup 2's are also very soft. Do you know what might be a good alternative in that class with a stiffer sidewall?
  16. Does tire wear/different tires change steering feel?

    I recently switch to 265/35R18 Michelin Sport Cup 2 Connect and I admit that zi regret it. The grip is amazing once they heat up, but the turn in feels rubbery compared to stock. I also get a terrifying amount of tramlining on imperfect roads and highways. Like, if I change lanes on the highway...
  17. Has anyone tried using the LE ADS module on the base non-LE model ?

    The EPS programming would probably be easier to transfer. I've been trying to find someone with an HDS unit to help me experiment but it's slow going.
  18. The Shadow Type R Build

    Thanks for doing all of those writeups. Question for you - I recently installed my RV6 rear control arms and sway bar (with end links), and I now seem to be getting a really bad clunking sound from the rear of the car. I checked the end links and they appear to be fairly tight - do you have...
  19. ID on this Unlucky Type R's Exhaust

    This is why, even though there are better sounding exhausts, I like my Remus. Get pulled over, close valve, nice and quiet.
  20. Remus Exhaust: Detailed Review

    Does it come with the front pipe?