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  1. Honda tech trying to scare me?

    Sounds like it’s either the rear spring perches or the front camber plate/pillow ball mount, which is not uncommon with coilovers, since you have metal/metal contact where there was once rubber with the OE suspension. Just the nature of the beast really. If you don’t hear it, then I wouldn’t...
  2. Got my Ultra Racing lower rear bar and I don't have a clue

    Doesn’t touch the back seats at all. You won’t have to mess with anything unless you drop one of the mounting brackets in the hole. Then the whole rear deck has to come off to get it out. Ask me how I know. I recommend wrapping dental floss around the threads and pulling it through so that...
  3. Civic 2.0 ktuner vs stock 1.5

    IME with full bolt-ons (as in custom parts that I made myself + downpipe), ktuner, 250 lb weight reduction, and aero mods, I’ve been able to beat a stock Si and 7th gen V6 Accord, barely. I think a 1.5T in any trim will walk a tuned 2.0 easily. The 1.5 cvt is surprising quick.
  4. K20c2 retuned

    I remember when I increased my rev limit the first time. Set it to 7.3k and went out for a test drive. The first thing I noticed was that power dropped off considerably past 7k, and I got an over-rev code stored, even though I never missed a shift. No CEL either. I changed it back to 7.1k...
  5. 2.0L FRANK R

    Those passages appear to be for coolant circulating to the integrated exhaust manifold. The C2 doesn’t have them because there’s no turbo heat to deal with. IMO the head would probably bolt up, but would all of the sensors (crank position, reverse, etc.) from the C1 work with the C2 harness...
  6. First Boosted K20C2!

    If you’re not going to get an ECU upgrade(I would recommend Syvecs), you should look into converting to a return-style fuel system with an FMU and run larger injectors+fuel pump to prevent a lean condition. It’s relatively cheap if you DIY, and many budget boosted D/B/F series engines have...
  7. First Boosted K20C2!

    So how is it possible that the R18, K24Z, K24W, etc. engines can run boost on their stock ECU’s, considering they all use the same MAP sensor (37830-RNA-A01), but not the K20C2?
  8. trade in 2016 for 2019 or Inisght?

    What are your goals? Best FE possible or performance? And is it a MT? I’d say keep it if so, since it has a great balance between every performance metric. FE, cost, reliability, etc.
  9. Wave to other civic drivers?

    I decided to stop waving the other day when I saw someone in a base sedan driving at night on I-10 in Houston with just the DRL’s. :doh:
  10. Track-Day/Aero Mod: DIY Cooling Plate

    The problem with some of those aftermarket high flow grilles is that they do not align with the OEM cooling channels on the sides of the radiator, which is bad for aerodynamics, as much of the air is going move around the radiator and not through the cooling fins. My link expains why. This...
  11. Slight whining during full throttle

    That sounds about right. You’ll notice, the faster he goes, the louder the gear whine. FYI helical gears basically work the same way, just not as loud.
  12. Slight whining during full throttle

    Sound sorta like a high-revving egg beater? It’s probably just gear whine, which can be pretty noticeable when running lower viscosity tranny fluid, like the OE fill.
  13. 2.0L Custom Cold Air Intake

    Here’s the papers I used:
  14. 2.0L Custom Cold Air Intake

    This has been a long time coming, as I’ve spent the better part of 2 years ironing out the best solution for a high performance intake system. I was becoming frustrated with the poor performance of aftermarket short ram intakes; they suffer badly from heat soak, cause tuning issues, and are...
  15. Catless downpipe k20c2

    Don’t try to use a K24 throttle body. I did it years ago when I swapped a K24W manifold, and found that it uses different logic/sensor inputs/etc. Basically the engine would just rev continuously and would not respond to any pedal input.
  16. 2.0L CVT Lag on 2.0 EX No Turbo

    Read what the CTR guys are saying about the Remus Responder. The Apexi is doing the same thing, making the response itself faster, irrespective of the amount requested. It will certainly do what you are describing though, which are the ramp settings. It’s absolutely not necessary if you have a...
  17. 2.0L RV6 Looking for 2.0L Downpipe BETA Testers

    It wasn’t custom fab outright, but it did involve a little cutting, bending, and welding. The OEM front pipe is cut after the flex section and is retained. The back portion is cut from the Invidia 1.5T 60mm front pipe, and is welded to the OEM section. Additionally, the pipe hanger has to be...
  18. 2.0L RV6 Looking for 2.0L Downpipe BETA Testers

    I thought that too, but when I noticed that the side of my airbox lid had melted, it made me reconsider just how much heat that downpipe puts out. The exhaust started putting out more heat after installing a bigger front pipe, which is also coated and wrapped. After thoroughly testing with an...
  19. Car is faster in eco? Stick shift-

    Only difference that I notice with econ mode is the A/C blows warm and cruise control doesn’t work right.