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    UPS: $57.97 USPS: $63.65
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    Listed price is for pickup. Shipping is at buyer's expense.
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    I sold my Type R, so I needed to sell all the aftermarket parts. I have one other guy interested in the taillights, but he hasn't paid as of right now, so they are available!
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    Mugen shift knob sold.
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    Post updated- Spare tire kit and Mugen shift knob are still available.
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    Thanks for all of the interest on these, they are now sold and heading home with their new owner!
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    Sunday bump
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    I'm in Ashburn VA 20147
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    I had heard of that, but hadn't done any research into it. If the current local pickup pending deal falls through, I will certainly consider this to open up the playing field. Thanks for the tip!
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