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  1. Any aftermarket exhaust for Civic Hatchback 2020 EX-L?

    Where did you purchase from, direct off their IG; or, link? Thx.
  2. Wiring rear bumper reflector lights

    Can you please send me the pics. I appreciate it.
  3. Wiring rear bumper reflector lights

    Can you please send me how you wired them? thank you
  4. Wiring rear bumper reflector lights

    Hello, I’m interested. Can you send over to me how you wired your; pls.
  5. Bayson R /pro civic track style/ Type R lip ?

    Did you polish/compound/wax the pieces before coating them with the Cerakote wipes?
  6. Is there a difference between ProCivic track style lip and Bayson?

    Dis you get the ABS one with lower front grill mesh, or one like the Baysonr/Pro Civic? Also, how’s the fitment?
  7. Bayson R /pro civic track style/ Type R lip ?

    Any pics of the results?
  8. Coupe vs Sedan Side Skirts

    Did you ever find an answer?
  9. Hatchback Door sills

    Do you the link for Amazon, or what did you search under? Thanks.
  10. Honda LogR

    They should’ve made it for all chassis, but Honda is always one step behind other manufacturers when it comes to tech.
  11. Latest Honda Hack Pro v5.0.5 Is Awesome!

    Would you be able to send me the first start up video file (the drive by one), please?
  12. Got scammed from Ikon Motorsports

    Ikon Motorsports, what can I say. Ohhh, stay far away from them. I had a bad experience with them back in 2014. I purchased window vent visors for an 2014 Mazda 3. Upon receiving drivers side windows didn’t line up, and the passenger side front window one was cracked. They offered me $15...
  13. 2020 Honda Civic Ex Hatchback front splitter, and side skirts options?

    I’m looking for front splitter, and side skirt options that resemble the OEM Sport ones. I have an 2020 Civic Ex Hatchback.
  14. rampage drop in turbo

    Yes, you nailed it! That bottom end will handle 500HP+. Key is to upgrade the clutch/fuel system as already stated by someone, and what’s also vital; a reputable tuner. Anything more, will require a built motor.
  15. Sedan and Hatchback front, same?

    So if I have an 2020 EX-T Hatchback, all of the Sedan and SI front splitters/lips will fit mine?
  16. Mugen front lip

    I have it, message me.
  17. 2020 Civic Hatch Fake vents replacement

    Why not help?! I’ve been subscribed for over a month, and I get the same of no help. I’ve been trying to get answers to see if sedan side extensions work for an 2020 Ex hatch as its supposed to be same wheelbase; however, members on here don’t like to help nor link folks in, smh! One could spend...