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  1. Is it me or does Florida has a separate Pollen season added??

    I'll see your pollen level and raise you our diesel exhaust particulates. Here in Central Pennsylvania we've got terrible pollen and we're the truck terminal capital of the east coast, I83, I78, I81 all converge here with 10's of thousands trucks a day. I change my cabin filter 3-4 times a year...
  2. Oil choice.

    Was addressing the Signature grade only, other, apparently lesser formulations, such as "OEM" have obtained API approvals. With the cost and being somewhat difficult to obtain, ultimately it's just oil, you have to be a determined and dedicated fan to use this on a regular basis. Just...
  3. Oil choice.

    1. Amsoil Signature is a quality oil no argument 2. It is NOT API licenced, supposedly meets SN Plus 3. It is NOT GF-6A rated, although it probably could be 4. It's primary value is if you use it for extended drain intervals 5. Technically, it does not meet Honda's warranty requirements (not...
  4. Key fob battery sensitivity?

    When in doubt, replace. With the CR2032 batteries, I've had the best success with Maxell & Sony, made in Japan. The Duracell, made in China or Indonesia, not so much. Locally I see mostly primarily private-label, Duracell or Energizer. The Energizer can be made in many places, the Japanese...
  5. Key Fob lost somewhere in the car

    Disconnect battery, unbolt & unplug drivers seat, remove seat. Check for that mysterious hole under the seat that seems to suck things in. Repeat with passenger seat if necessary, only way to really know if it's hiding under there, shouldn't take more than a hour or so.
  6. 1 thing you hate about your 10th gen civic?

    One of the things I've come to prefer is the digital speedometer, starting with my 2006 Civic, all the way up to my current CRV. Instant information at-a-glance, far less time to see speed vs an analog gauge. You can see it in the periphery of your vision with attention still on the road...
  7. 2020 Civic Hatchback LX CVT - no power steering and a bunch of errors after being parked outside overnight.

    Hopefully the OP will follow thru after he gets some answers, really want the "other shoe to drop" I'd like to know how this turns out.
  8. 2020 Civic Hatchback LX CVT - no power steering and a bunch of errors after being parked outside overnight.

    As sophisticated as current Honda's are electronically, with a computer or black box at numerous places and interconnected, you did what a reasonable person would do. An OBD reader might tell you what the problem is and is a good idea. However, I'm a retired Biomedical Technician with a fairly...
  9. 2020 Civic Hatchback LX CVT - no power steering and a bunch of errors after being parked outside overnight.

    I would further suggest that if you have wiring damage, a DIY repair could effect your warranty down the road. With some, repeat, some dealers they'll try to void your warranty on any pretext.
  10. 2020 Civic Hatchback LX CVT - no power steering and a bunch of errors after being parked outside overnight.

    That's what a warranty is for, get it to the dealer. Even if all the issues go away at the next start, there may be codes. Good to have a service record created if there are further problems. If, as in the previous post, there is wiring damage, your comprehensive insurance may cover it. You're...
  11. Oil choice.

    I usually pay about $33 for 5 quarts of Mobil1 0W-20 AFE and a Mobil1 M110A filter at Advance.
  12. Thinking of selling my 2020 civic si

    That would most likely appear in the Carfax report as a warranty repair.
  13. Thinking of selling my 2020 civic si

    You'd have to weight the numbers comparing trading it vs selling it, if you trade, you only pay sales tax on the difference.
  14. Oil choice.

    Probably a decent oil, not as easy to find, no idea on price. Most of the current 0W-20 synthetic oils will have to meet GF-6A requirements, so take your pick. Mobil1 is easy to find, reasonably priced and used as factory fill in some very expensive engines (whose manufacturer DON'T want to have...
  15. Michelin CrossClimate2 on my 2019 Honda Civic EX-T

    I have them on my 2020 CRV EX-L AWD, as you noted, just a tad more noise. Very smooth & generally quiet ride, like suction cups in the rain, after the first 1000 miles, mileage returned to normal. Steering response is excellent and predictable. Haven't tried them in snow yet either, but so far...
  16. Oil choice.

    Actually, the Mobil1 0W-20 AFE is now officially spec'd GF-6A, packaging has been changed slightly, lots of quarts at Advance & Auto Zone with the older package, most of the 5-quart Jugs are new stock and are marked GF-6A. I've been using the M1 0W-20 AFE for many years and my Blackstone Labs...
  17. Can Abusing a stock car really cause issues?

    Basic rules for cars: Drive it like you stole it and it will steal from you, drive it gently and it will treat you well. Speed costs money, how fast can you afford to go?
  18. Need new windshield wipers!

    I've always had decent performance from the factory inserts, about $15 for the pair, replace them in the spring and late fall. Virtually all of the replacement blades, Bosch, Rain-X, etc are made in China, Mexico or Vietnam and aren't lasting beyond the 6 month mark for me. If anything, I'd...
  19. Toyota drivers suck!

    I'm actually enjoying my CRV, my wife liked it so much she bought one too. Quiet, comfortable and still handles well. Both of ours were built in Ontario. I do miss my Civic Touring Coupe from time to time, but the 40 profile tires were pretty jarring on some roads.
  20. Toyota drivers suck!

    That's a 64, mine was a 63 Coupe with a red interior, wish I still had it. The other car I wish I still had was my 1991 CRX SI Thanks for finding the image, really brought back memories. Phil