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  1. Carbonsixthelement Black Friday Sales (End)

    Copped me some red kevlar ones! Woo thanks! I tried buying some si badges in red kevlar but the sale didn't apply during checkout so I didn't cop em. Are both front and rear si badges exactly the same size?
  2. Connecticut Si Oem clutch and flywheel

    What's this about a new ctr retrofit clutch coming out next week? 350$? Where can I cop one of them?
  3. Si D.I.Y Broke as hell intake

    Honestly man your car your rules. I remember when I was young, broke and running a G2 integra, I wanted them ebay intakes and the sound that comes with em. To get that intake sound back then we did ghetto shit too like removing the bottom half baffle to the stock intake, and screwed the OEM...
  4. Si D.I.Y Broke as hell intake

    Comes with a bunch of lil silicon hoses. BTW no MAF just the housing
  5. Si D.I.Y Broke as hell intake

    I got a 27won street MAF that I'll never put back on my car. Hit me up if ya want it... Check out this item on OfferUp.
  6. 1.5T Guide to DIY Flex Fuel Kit for Hondata or KTuner

    I think if you're going to run ethanol, you should be ignoring the ect2 reading. The voltage on the wire for ect2 is coming from your ktuner converter. I'm not sure if it takes precedence over the thermostat reading, but if anything, if it's spliced together, ktuner is connected to both your...
  7. Wisconsin OEM Type-r interior parts & extras

    Received the sidemarkers. Thank you sir
  8. Ohio 2019 Civic Si Partout

    Floor mats arrived. They look great! Thank you
  9. New Jersey 27won TIP for sale

    Received the part! Fast shipping and good communication! Trust this person. Thanks!
  10. Rattle after installing PRL downpipe

    I rotated the bracket a little bit to make room. Tightened up the one bolt I could and marked where I would drill the other
  11. Rattle after installing PRL downpipe

    I just installed a used afe downpipe and PRL frontpipe on my 20 si a few days ago. The pass side downpipe bracket fit perfect but the drivers side bracket didn't. I had to drill a hole in the bracket to make it fit. Maybe it needs the brackets? Did you use a gasket between the downpipe and...