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  1. JDM Brake caliper part number

    Actually no, Hondanickx helped me understand all my doubts in regards to brakes. ended up returning the pads
  2. JDM Brake caliper part number

    For what I've understood so far, the braking system here (I can speak for Portugal, and the 2017 model, as it's what I have. Don't know about the rest of Europe) is ATE/Teves, and the "normal" onde you see all around the world is Akebono. I need to figure out if a simple brake caliper swap can...
  3. JDM Brake caliper part number

    Hi guys! I have recently come across this issue when going for a brake pad change... I ordered a set of Dixcel Type ES brake pads for my EUDM FK7, reference 331256. And when my mechanic went to install them, they were physically different. The manufacturer of my brake calipers is ATE, my...
  4. Grinding awful noise!

    Just here to leave positive feedback. This same noise started happening to me. My mechanic had already warned me that my pads were reaching their limit, so your reply only confirmed the inevitable for me, and calmed me down. Thanks!
  5. 2020 Type R - Honda sight - disable

    I must have some air pockets in my system... gotta get it checked sorry for the conspiracy hehe
  6. 2020 Type R - Honda sight - disable

    No problem on the football thing xD I'm used to be singled out when the topic is football (I just never got fond of it). Anyways, got an update on my theory.... seems that I might be mistaken.. Yesterday night I tried it once again, and it manifested the same small sponginess. I think I might...
  7. 2020 Type R - Honda sight - disable

    Had to look that guy up... Not a football fan xD (Strange I know... coming from the counrty where you love Fado, Football and Fatima (church) ) As for the brake feel and brake distance, what I've noticed, and I hope you can recreate the scenario, was do a simple brake test from one garage...
  8. 2020 Type R - Honda sight - disable

    Right! I've got many false alarms, and now I've noticed the brake feel difference. Theres this bridge I have to cross under some times, and every winter, when the road is wet, it brakes very abruptly, and like many of you said, it just leaves you prone to get rear ended!
  9. 2020 Type R - Honda sight - disable

    Guys, I'm sorry to revive this thread... @MediaMaster do you have the CMBS orange light always on, on the dashboard? I noticed that having CMBS ON, the brake feel and performance is reduced, as if a percentage of the brake pedal course is reserved for the CMBS actuator. When I disable the CMBS I...
  10. Ski hatch

    @Florin.pop It's looking good! keep it up
  11. Colection thread - Coilovers, Struts and springs list.

    @Bennybira time to update the post :D @vonlaser and @vethekim mentioned the Tein coilover kit as @Zodd mentioned tech specs, we could compile a spreadsheet of useful information (FAQ) Also gotta add swift and spoon springs to the list and KW suspension coilovers
  12. Request: How to remove and replace oem steering wheel for after market quick release steering wheel.

    Firstly, you should disconnect your battery as you will be dealing with the airbag. This has been stressed in many posts before, you do not want that thing to blow up while you're handling it. You can get hurt, or damage the interior of your car in the process. There are two Torx T30 screws in...
  13. New grille for hatchback 2020 EXL

    I didn't fully understand the question. You want to know if the new grille for the 2020 models fits your car is that it? But are you asking about the new Type R grille? Can you post images?
  14. Ski hatch

    Take a look at this thread on the 9th gen Accord forums, this user retrofitted a trunk passtrough on his Accord link
  15. Ski hatch

    Hi! my first idea would be to find a version of the car that would have such access panel in the rear arm rest and swap the necessary parts. Altough I don't recall any version that has it, so I think your best option is to mod the panel. I have never done this, but I assume it should be a...
  16. Hatch rear spoiler

    Stephan, can you give me a quote on the red one? Thanks man!
  17. 1.5T Apexi N1-X Exhaust for hatchback Review with dyno

    Reviving this thread... really want to see some sound crlips and dyno charts of the 1.5 with the exhaust, and exhaust + downpipe. I like the sound it makes on video, but need to hear some more to make it justice. anyone car eto upload some videos?
  18. Has anyone removed the honeycomb grill from in front of the intercooler?

    It doesn't look that bad, probably just bent the grille a bit. Tell us how it goes