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  1. Windshield Replacement on Models with Honda Sensing

    To wake up an old thread. I recently had a sheet of ice fly off a semi and hit my window around the sensor. Nothing cracked, but clearly it knocked the sensor out of alignment because it now insists I'm never driving in my lane and if I let it have control, it will pull me fully into the lane to...

    Has anyone able to skip next track on spotify using steering control? Care to expand on this, because no one else seems to report that they have figured this out.
  3. 2016 Civic 1.5L Turbo Surges at Highway Speeds (45–70 MPH) S.B. #16-028

    I have my appt. for this this coming Friday. I'm already concerned, as when I just made the apt. the head mechanic stated that "We've already done 6 of these and NONE of them have actually needed the update, so there isn't anything we can do but check... but none of them have needed it so far as...
  4. 2016 Civic 1.5L Turbo Surges at Highway Speeds (45–70 MPH) S.B. #16-028

    Mine clearly has this jerking/surging issue, but I just called Honda Corporate USA and was told there is no TSB for my car. They wanted my VIN, Name, Address, email, phone, mileage, proof of ownership, and a bunch of other crap just to give me this info... last time I called (regarding amp...
  5. Trunk opens spontaneously / alarm sounds

    I have now had two incidents of the trunk being opened (apparently on its own). The first happened in my garage... went to leave and the car tells me that the trunk is open as I'm driving away. I figure it's a fluke. Today, (on a sunny day, as others have mentioned rain), I came out to the...
  6. How often are you having to reboot and what for??

    There were several high quality tablets three years ago that would have had no trouble operating smoothly with the demands of this car. It's 2016, not 2010 - back when smart phones were only 3 years old. This is no excuse. It shouldn't be made by Honda and it shouldn't be made for Honda.
  7. Finally, a happy reboot story [so far]!

    I finally gave up and deleted HondaLink on my phone, moved Aha radio off my main screen (such potential, but alas...), and have Car Play and AndroidAuto turned off in the options menu (I wish I could turn off other things to free up even more memory). I just stream bluetooth and leave it on...
  8. to: 2016 civics owner - is the cabin loud?

    Because seating comfort fits perfectly embedded within a thread regarding the loudness of the cabin...
  9. Crash mitigation can be DANGEROUS if you're a spirited/aggressive driver.

    BRAKE is the CMS... it throws up the visual warning first. If you totally ignore it, it'll press the brakes. Your speed and distance will determine how fast one vs. the other occurs. If you're flying and a car suddenly appears before you not moving (running a red light, then panic stops in the...
  10. Touring Headlights

    I have not (yet) been flashed - by other motorists or their headlights.
  11. Anyone purchase Honda's Maintenance Program? Worth it?

    In the first four years, you will likely not need much more than four or five oil changes and a few odds and ends. I'd say, even with the 200 off, this seems rather pricey. Just my opinion.
  12. Built in Navigation versus built in phone app limitations?

    Well said, whaaaaa. Waze is indeed quicker than google maps for picking up sudden traffic changes... and in terms of modern technology, it seems eons ahead of the built in navigation, which is never up to date enough on my ever and quickly changing route regarding traffic.
  13. CVT surging up and down

    I thought the Touring's leather smelled quite a bit at first - odder than other leathers. Maybe that's it - offgassing more as it gets heated up and rubbed on by sitting in it - so you notice it after driving a bit?
  14. Crash mitigation can be DANGEROUS if you're a spirited/aggressive driver.

    I think people are getting offended unnecessarily here. I didn't read the OP to say he was driving dangerously. Let's say you're in three lanes of traffic on the highway. Fast lane is going... fast - 80s, let's say... but you're in the middle lane. The slow lane may be going slow, let's say 55...
  15. Anyone have the Galaxy S7 and aren't able to skip songs?

    What app(s) are you using to play music? Have you tried multiple apps and none of them allow you to skip songs? Have you tried rebooting the head unit? I had one occasion with my S5 where I couldn't skip songs in Google Play Music. I was testing a free trial of that and Spotify after Jan 31...
  16. Ease of Parking

    I find them accurate. You could always have a friend stand behind you and tell you where you are at so you can learn what it means for the various lines - or do some similar experiment until you are comfortable. How did people park the boat sized cars of 1962?
  17. Touring Headlights

    Thank you for saying this. I've been waiting for someone to do so. I'm leaving mine default. They are the color they are for a reason, and since in many places in the US it's not legal to drive with fog lights on in good weather, why do people care? You shouldn't have them on 365 days a year...
  18. Crash mitigation can be DANGEROUS if you're a spirited/aggressive driver.

    The "safety features" on the car work - mostly. But as you pointed out, when doing things normal drivers do, the computer is not smart enough to know if it should brake or not. It's dangerous at random times, as well - not just when doing the maneuver your described. It can be dangerous when it...
  19. Whats the worst fact a dealership has told you?

    I had two salesmen. The first was a self-aggrandizing idiot. He spent the whole time bragging about how he was the number one salesman at this "other" dealership but they didn't pay him enough so he quit and came to this Honda dealership, where he'd been the number one salesman every month since...
  20. 3M Door Edge Guard + Xpel Door Sill Guard

    How about, "*sigh* Oh to live somewhere where it doesn't get so cold that I can't run a water line through my attic to my garage which wasn't piped when they built the place."