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  1. Side Mirror Paint Scrape

    Option 3 is to buy a carbon fiber side mirror cover.
  2. 17x8 5x114.3 +35

    Can and will not rub with 235/45R17. You still have room to go with lowering spring in future.
  3. fluids, what performance brake fluid?

    Get the latest Motul RBF 700. This is the improved performance version from RBF660. Both are Dot 4 compatible with our braking system.
  4. 17x8 5x114.3 +35

    Or 17x8.5+35 wraps with 235/45 plus camber kit to correct the wheel alignment will fit as well.
  5. 17x8 5x114.3 +35

    As bbeem mentioned, consider 225/45. 225/40 will run you >5% of speedometer error although it can avoid the rubbing and work on +30. 17x8.5+35 wrap with 225/45 plus camber kit to correct the wheel alignment will be a better overall fitment with your existing Sportline.
  6. 17x8 5x114.3 +35

    There you go. That’s make sense as there is no camber kit. Sportline drops more and that pushes the wheels way out of oem wheel alignment spec. Sportline can give additional camber of ~1.5deg. For every 1deg, it can add an unnatural ~4mm of ‘offset’ and also cause uneven wear. In his case, since...
  7. 17x8 5x114.3 +35

    Could you ask the guy; - Does it rubs with this setup when the the spring is compressed e.g. going over road hump or etc. - Does it needs to fold the fender tab? - Does it needs to pull the fender? - Does it needs to roll the fender?
  8. 17x8 5x114.3 +35

    235/40R17 will run you >4% speedometer error which is not recommended. 235/45R17 on; 17x8.5 +35 will work better. But as you sit on sportline spring, you will need to get a camber kit to camber back to spec (if have not installed yet). 17x9 +38 can work but will poke out a bit. You can...
  9. 17x8 5x114.3 +35

    Close but not dead flush with fender. What tyre size do you intend to run?
  10. Bilstein B6 Struts and Shocks

    Yes, B4 and B6 are for OEM spring. B8 is for lowering spring. Eibach prokit is progressive spring, the spring rate will increase as it being compressed progressively. It is not stiff throughout the entire spring travel. Since the pro kit is lowered an inch and already reduced the body roll, I...
  11. XXR 527 Size & Offset

    +37. I wanted +35 for a dead flush look, but RGlll 18x8 does not has +35. Take your time to explore further, look out for light weight wheels. The sweet spot is 18x8.5+35 wrap with 235/40/18. This setup will give you a dead fender flush look. Also, if one day you would like to drop your ride...
  12. XXR 527 Size & Offset

    I like the design too but the weight of the XXR is slightly on the high side. When I was shopping to upgrade my wheels, XXR was under my wishlist. But as I dig further, lightweight wheels do give some benefits, it reduces the rotational mass, resulted better acceleration and save some gas as...
  13. Fitment Help

    18x8.5 +35 will give you dead flush. +38 is close to flush. 245/40R18 is 1.6% bigger than the oem tire and will only close the fender gap by 5mm, not really any significant difference. But you will be very safe to run 18x8.5 +38 wrap with 245/40R18 on stock suspension. If given a choice for me...
  14. Bilstein B6 Struts and Shocks

    Anyone has gotten B4 yet? I am leaning toward B4 to compliment with prokit and would like to hear of any review or feedback.
  15. What springs should I get for a 1-1.5 drop?

    Eibach pro-kit drops 1” front and 0.8” back. I know some other spring also has around 1” drop. I will let others to chime in. You can consider SI spring as well, I read somewhere the drop is ~0.5”, this will be the safe option of any rub and fender pull.
  16. What springs should I get for a 1-1.5 drop?

    As you ride on +33, drop 1” max. But there might experience a minor rubbing at the front when it dips hard. If that happen, just pull the fender out 1~2mm will solve the rubbing. That’s said, if you look for more aggressive drop, you will need a camber kit.
  17. Need help with tire size

    I assume that you are using 255/35 on 18x9.5 and potential drop of 1-1.5”. In this case, offset +45 will be work better. +35 will poke almost 1/2” and rub almost everywhere if it drops later, it will need camber kit or roll or pull the fender.
  18. Will they fit??

    It will fit if the offset is et40~50. But the 19” tire is bigger and it will run a speedo error ~3.5%. Also, with bigger diameter and heavier (I presume) wheel, it increases the rotation mass and will affect your car acceleration.
  19. Fender rubbing with bigger tires - need stiffer springs, roll fenders, or what?

    The real issue is the wheel offset. If running on 255/40R18 for a beefy tyre, you would want to look at offset +45. 255 is 10” but the wheel is only 8.5”. 18x8.5+35 is flush with fender, with 255 bigger tyre size (i.e. 10mm poke), obviously the tire will rub on fender when is hard compressed. I...
  20. Post your aftermarket wheel/tire set up

    It was installed by Eibach authorized installer and have been driving for two years with oem factory shocks. No noise but I can feel that the oem shocks are now getting softer than before. Prior upgrade to pro kit, the factory shock have been working for 2 years. In total, 4 years on factory...