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  1. 11th Gen's are slower than 10th Gen's

    Yeah the Si in the US got a number of features removed from 10th gen, and from the Si they sell in Canada. I am not a fan of "Accord-ifyng" the Civic either and don't understand the reason of making two such similar cars. I drove the 2.0L engine in a 2017 Civic LX sedan as well as the 11th gen...
  2. Black Friday Sale Starts Now!

    Is there a way to apply the BF discount to an item that I ordered but are still backordered and wasn't shipped? (I don't think there's a way to cancel and re-order online.)
  3. ETA on Side Markers with a Clear DRL & Turn Signal combo?

    Hello, I am interested in buying Clear DRL & Turn Signal side markers for a 10th gen Civic and was wondering if you guys (@Suma Performance ) have an ETA when they would be available for purchase? Thank you!
  4. Dealerships are ghost towns.... :-/

    My visit was pretty quick, since I paid cash. My only gripe is that a car came with a tiny scratch on the rear bumper. It is barely visible (about 1mm) and looks like they damaged it when they removed the wrap, as the car only had 8 miles. They offered me to come in later to discuss the fix, I...
  5. HEAVY markup on new 2021 Civic Hatchback 6spd

    Don't look at the online listings. I would call the dealerships, and ask if you can order one. I paid a refundable deposit of $500 to reserve an order. They will take $500 off if you decide to buy the car obviously. I don't know if they are still arriving on the dealer lots, but if they do, the...
  6. Dealerships are ghost towns.... :-/

    I am also in SD and noticed the exact same thing. Pacific Honda had what like 20-30 hatchbacks listed online LOL. But when you get there, there's 0 on the lot. In fact there were barely any cars whatsoever on their new car lot. Still I managed to order one which took about a month to receive. On...