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  1. 1.5T Guide to DIY Flex Fuel Kit for Hondata or KTuner

    How did the contenintal unit work out? I have been getting a strange ethanol content and may be connecting to the wrong sensor. I’ll double check but did u have issues with your install?
  2. 1.5T Guide to DIY Flex Fuel Kit for Hondata or KTuner

    Here is my setup Can hondata or so one chime in on why I get a 51 percent ethanol when I haven’t filled it with E85 yet. How do I calibrate the system using Hondata software
  3. 1.5T Guide to DIY Flex Fuel Kit for Hondata or KTuner

    If you use hondata yes. My problem is that I get a strange reading and need support on how to adjust the ethanol reading to be accurate.
  4. FlashPro Flex Fuel support

    That is an awesome pic of the wiring diagram. Thank you! But you might also know, is there a plug that i can use to connect to ECT 2 so that i don't have to splice into that connector? what is that part number and do you have a link?
  5. Who's in SD?

    There is always someone there staying later... sometimes we roll out and kick it somewhere else.
  6. Hondata Flashpro Tuning for the FK8 Type R!!

    is there a way to install a flex fuel sensor that works with Hondata and the Bosh ECU?
  7. Anyone selling their stock Exhaust?

    I want to modify mine for better sound/flow like flyinggato. If you are local SD/LA area let me know if you are willing to sell.
  8. Thinking about wrapping the R what’s your opinion???

    I thought about wrapping the hood scoop in black. Satin is totally the way to go The next hard part is to see how badly he gets dirty. Make sure you get your products to clean the satin
  9. Thinking about wrapping the R what’s your opinion???

    How much hate would we get if the hood was wrapped with 4D? Considering the hood is already light weight already. Has anyone done this yet? Maybe I will be the first...
  10. PRL Motorsports FK8 2017+ Civic Type-R FMIC Kit Development

    I don't know if i need this yet(just started planning a track day) and with normal driving everything seems to be fine. But i can't wait to see the final cost and performance increase!
  11. Strangest reaction/situation you've been in because of your R?

    I was picking up food for lunch and as I got back to work someone pulled up to me in a late model civic. First thing he says is, "That car is liquid sex! I ran two lights trying to catch up to you!!! Is it ok if I take a pic of your car?"
  12. Who's in SD?

    Did you get it reflashed? the SI is sick!!
  13. Civic Type R After-market Wheel Guide

    Yeah, what would that setup cost? So I can start saving
  14. Civic Type R After-market Wheel Guide

    I’m interested can u pm me?
  15. Who's CTR is getting wrapped in San Diego?

    Mine is a satin yellow and I think the color is slightly different.

    I kinda want mine as a tee shirt now!!! and my SN on the front!!! Ideas for you if you are still connected to folks that can get silk screening done.
  17. Who's in SD?

    I’m the yellow one
  18. Here is my video of my satin yellow Type R!

    Thanks to SD Wrap for the video and such an excellent job transforming my ride.
  19. Vtec turbo decal

    I want a decal as well