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  1. California SOLD: BMSPEC (Epsilon+) Rear diffuser for sale

    BMSPEC (Now Epsilon+) rear diffuser for sale. Comes with all mounting hardware. Was going to run it at GTA last year but it turned out to be illegal for my class. Been sitting in my garage for the last year. Fit great and looked great on the car (don’t have photos, old phone died) Located in...
  2. California SOLD: OEM 17-19 Grille

    Civic type r grille from a 2019 MY. Comes with badge and type r emblem. Free from imperfections. Has a couple bucks from rocks but overall in great condition. Can meet up and deliver if needed. Located in Santa Barbara $150
  3. Loud Clunking Heard After Coilover Install

    Lots of people have clunks with this car once its lowered. No idea what the heck it is, but I assume it has to do with the complicated ball joint and suspension setup on the front of the car. When the geometry changes, it gets angry. Could also be your top hats aren't completely tight from the...
  4. WTB: PRL Intercooler, USR Oil Cooler and Koyo or C&R Track Radiator

    If anyone has these available, let me know. I am in the market. PayPal or cash ready. Thanks!
  5. FS (SoCal): Type R Partout

    I believe the strut bar is optioned for the type R only. They make a slightly different version for the non-type r models.
  6. FS (SoCal): Type R Partout

    I believe so, fits all 10th gens. and yes.
  7. FS: HardRace Camber Ball Joints

    At the -2 setting I saw up to -4.2 I think along with the stock adjustment. Was a little too much lol. Setting B or -1 would probably be the way to go.
  8. FS: HardRace Camber Ball Joints

    Selling this set of HardRace camber ball joints. A few marks from install and uninstall, but they were only used for about 200 miles. Decided to go a different route and no longer need these. Have the original box and all original hardware included. SOLD
  9. FS: Milltek Non-Resonated Exhaust - Polished Tip

    If you were in CA I would pick this up immediately :(
  10. SOLD: MXP CompRS Exhaust - SOLD

    I will get a quote and PM you!
  11. SOLD: MXP CompRS Exhaust - SOLD

    I believe it should. Most fk8 exhausts can also fit an fk7. Stock type r exhaust is direct bolt on to fk7. and this exhaust fits just like stock.
  12. SOLD: MXP CompRS Exhaust - SOLD

    Not generally but willing to make a trip up there! Have a couple friends up north.
  13. FS: PRL Intercooler - 2017+ Civic Type R

    Unfortunately, the intercooler on the 1.5t is different than the intercooler of that on the 2.0t type r. It will not fit the Si.