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  1. [sold]: 1.5T Black Injen Short Ram Intake

    pulled it! taking it out was a actually a lot easier than I remember, the hardest part is dealing with the stock airbox since a few bolts are a little cramped.
  2. [sold]: 1.5T Black Injen Short Ram Intake

    Just figured I could use the extra money, mostly. I didn't really notice any meaningful power gains or anything, just increased induction noise which sounds pretty good. Don't really push the car enough to hear it recently, so there's not much point in having it. I've got someone in my PMs...
  3. [sold]: 1.5T Black Injen Short Ram Intake

    Yeah, decided I'm just gonna pull it out of the car tomorrow morning.
  4. [sold]: 1.5T Black Injen Short Ram Intake

    $100 + shipping. (by default I'll use the cheapest shipping option unless you want something else) Local pickup available in/near Oxnard, CA. Still installed on the car (2018 Sport Hatch), it'll probably take an afternoon to pull if you take it. Comes with the intake, filter, heatshield, and...
  5. (SOLD) Hondata Flashpro CARB 1.5T $300

    Yeah, if you're not familiar with tuning then the CARB version is probably the better value. The race version has a few more settings you can adjust, a lot of them involving settings in the manual transmissions.
  6. (SOLD) Hondata Flashpro CARB 1.5T $300

    The CARB version is restricted to the CARB-legal basetunes (+3, +6, or +9[6mt only] PSI of boost). You can still datalog, and edit a few timing-related things I think, but anything that affects emissions is blocked (turing off rev hang, presets for tunes w/ non CARB-legal parts). If you're...
  7. (SOLD) Hondata Flashpro CARB 1.5T $300

    Selling my CARB Flashpro because my driving habits have calmed down since I got it and I could use the extra money. Just checking interest, haven't unregistered it yet. Will do ASAP and send proof if you buy. Doing $300 shipped to the US, Paypal or Venmo. Edit: Sold!
  8. Transfering 2018 civic hatchback sport rear bumper to 2018 civic hatchback ex cvt

    Even if it does, I feel like you might have issues with fitting the exhaust system. I'm not familiar with the underbody of the non-sport hatches (nor can i find pictures), but the underbody of the sport looks like this: with specific cutouts and mounting points for the center exhaust. EDIT...
  9. Thoughts on underglow lights

    I don't hate underglow as much as some people, but I still wouldn't do it (mostly bc of all the laws, but also bc it's just not for me). I'd definitely have avoided the blue though, I can see it potentially getting you into trouble with police even if it's not strictly against the law if you...
  10. Type r wing

    I got it from their website. Had a few “issues” while waiting (they told me it would ship out a certain day and it didn’t, and communication was bit spotty), but they answered all my questions in the end and i’d order from them again.
  11. Fake CTR Spotting

    Saw this LX near me haha. Hard to see in the picture, but it's also got the rear "Type R" trim emblem
  12. Type r wing

    Considering trying them out, where'd you get them/how was the install?
  13. Type r wing

    The stabilizer bars on the back are interesting, can't decide whether or not I like them :hmm: Do they help a lot with the flex?
  14. Official SONIC GRAY PEARL Civic Thread

    Not a great picture, but looks like I'm not the only Sonic gray hatch sport in my area lol (plus another PMM Sedan)
  15. Time for a meet! Saturday April 21st!

    Sudden change of plans, unfortunately I won’t be able to swing by :(
  16. Does the 2.0 have rev hang?

    Maybe I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure rev hang is a manual-only issue
  17. Anyone installed aftermarket seats?

    I actually didn’t end up doing this bc of that reason, actually. (Or rather, my dad refused to let me do it and he’s making most of the payments). I honestly wouldn’t be too concerned, it’s one airbag (two for both seats I guess) and if I’m not mistaken, the earlier CivicXs didn’t even come...
  18. Time for a meet! Saturday April 21st!

    Sounds like my dinner plans are happening pretty early, so I should be able to make it (and check out the Round One i've been meaning to go to beforehand)
  19. Sidemarkers for sonic grey pearl

    I photoshopped some mockups on some old pictures of mine
  20. Type R Wing on 2017 Si Coupe? Will it look good?

    Honestly, all the replica wings I've seen for non-hatches seem really small (maybe it's just the photo angles I've seen?), and imo spoilers like the Type-R one don't look the best when they're not properly sized, so I've never seen one I'm a huge fan of. If you think it's fine though, go for it...