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  1. F1 Talk Anyone?

  2. F1 Talk Anyone?

    Guenther Steiner has revealed Romain Grosjean is eager to return from his horrific Bahrain Grand Prix crash to end his career with the Haas team in Abu Dhabi. “The aim is really Romain would like to do it,” said Steiner, quoted by Autosport. “I spoke to him yesterday about it. He really wants...
  3. F1 Talk Anyone?

    Romain Grosjean has revealed he will be “marked for life” psychologically after his death-defying crash at the Bahrain Grand Prix. “It’s superficial, I have mobility in all of my fingers,” said Grosjean in an exclusive interview with TF1 and LCI. “I didn’t lose consciousness. To get out of the...
  4. F1 Talk Anyone?

    Romain Grosjean (3 hours ago): "I'm happy to be alive and to talk to you."
  5. F1 Talk Anyone?

    Yeah, leave it to Romain 'the cat' Grosjean to cause his own horrific shunt to test the absolute limits of safety and integrity of the car, race track's infrastructure, and the pilot's ultimate survival and escape from a 53G infernal impact, at his F1 career's 3rd last race.
  6. F1 Talk Anyone?

  7. F1 Talk Anyone?

    "I didn’t want to leave, because these kind of moments… You never know how many times you are going to be able to enjoy these kinds of times" - Pierre Gasly
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  9. F1 Talk Anyone?

    F1 RACE SCHEDULE Austrian Grand Prix Jul 3 - 5 Austria - Steiermark Grand Prix Jul 10 - 12 Hungarian Grand Prix Jul 17 - 19 British Grand Prix Jul 31 - 2 Aug British Grand Prix - 70th Anniversary Aug 7 - 9 Spanish Grand Prix Aug 14 - 16 Belgian Grand Prix Aug 28 - 30 Italian Grand Prix...
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  11. F1 Talk Anyone?

    Jan 5, 2020 Oct 5, 2019
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  13. F1 Talk Anyone?

    Kubica scores for Williams in Germany, claims points interval record :headbang: Kubica has suffered with the slow and uncompetitive FW42 since making his much anticipated comeback to Formula 1 at the start of the year. Neither he nor rookie team-mate George Russell have looked like challenging...
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  15. F1 Talk Anyone?

    Did Silverstone show Sebastian Vettel is finished? Date published: July 16 2019 Readers reflect on Sebastian Vettel’s shunt into the back of Max Verstappen at Silverstone, is the Ferrari man finished? Plus, who is the best wingman – Valtteri Bottas or Charles Leclerc? Is Vettel finished...
  16. Justin Bieber challenges Tom Cruise to UFC fight

    Justin Bieber challenges Tom Cruise to UFC fight, Conor McGregor offers to host Justin Bieber has challenged Tom Cruise to a UFC fight, with champion fighter Conor McGregor offering to host. The pop star had earlier tweeted to fans promising that new music was on the way, but confused them...
  17. Best Oil and Why ?!

    Wow, PurOl Elite synthetic sure is expensive. Its 5W30 version is way down near bottom of the Wear Protection Ranking List. 208. 5W30 PurOl Elite Series, synthetic =...
  18. Best Oil and Why ?!

    You're absolutely more than safe with Amsoil SS 5W-30, or even Amsoil SS 0W-20... They in fact offer the best possible protection. MOTOR OIL ENGINEERING TEST DATA -Wear Protection Ranking List 2. 0W20 Amsoil Signature Series, synthetic = 134,840 psi The...
  19. Canadian creates fake car from snow; Fools police officers

    This is literally the coolest car we've ever seen. enjoys a wonderful readership that spans the entire globe, but speaking as duly designated representatives of North America, it’s been a brutal winter for those of us in the northern latitudes. Snow has fallen as far south as...