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  1. California PRL street intake (SI) + CJM vent garnish

    Is the CJM vent garnish still available?
  2. Evasive Motorsports banned me
  3. What springs should I get for a 1-1.5 drop?

    I'm currently on Swift Spec R springs with 18x8.5 +35 Konig Ultraform and have a+5 spacer (to clear Genesis Brembos). I experience no rubbing even when bottoming out on bad potholes. Oh, and I did install an adjustable camber arm for the rear in case I want to run a more aggressive offset...
  4. Rotating Jewel Headlights!

    Seen this style pop up recently on AliExpress. The Suma Performance headlights look similar...
  5. KTuner Won't Lock To ECU

    I've had issues with the Ktuner app and my Windows in the past. The one remedy that worked was to disable all antivirus and security preferences for the the app and laptop (including factory settings). Everything was smooth sailing after that, zero issues. Felt kinda weird to deactivate all the...
  6. Massachusetts Si Parts 27won/intake/Fortune Auto/Competition Clutch/Ktuner/Acuity

    Bump for a great seller, buy with confidence!
  7. Using Genesis Brembo

    Here is a short list. My Akebono pads didn't require a bed in procedure but did perform better after the first drive.

    The original "Buyer Beware" thread was created and posted by me. JDMsway1994! eventually resolved the missing piece issue so I have removed the negative feedback.
  9. Issue Resolved

    Original issued resolved with seller (10/1).
  10. 2017 Civic Si Coupe Wastegate Solenoid Actuator

    Just to give you a heads up there is a specific calibration procedure for the electronic wastegate. If you are simply swapping it there shouldn't be an issue as long as you didn't fiddle with the adjustment arm (if it is relatively within spec). HOWEVER, if you are experience error codes refer...
  11. Using Genesis Brembo

    Hey Syn👋 I pieced my kit together too and purchased the rotor rings from Slickfab $30 (includes hardware too). Here is the link:
  12. Where else to find this front lip?

    Holy moly that's super sick. Hopefully there might be a abs version in the works? I would totally shred that thing on my daily but it looks so dope.
  13. bc coils swift spring specs

    Give them a call during business hours. (909)393-8623 Ask for Leonard, he helped me with my previous BC setup on my track car. They are familiar with most of the popular coilover manufacturer's valving and can recommend you a spring rate that may work for you. Just make sure you are specific...
  14. Civic sport hondata

    No worries, especially if you're not familiar with this platform. I wouldn't doubt the salesman knew either, and if he/she willingly knew and kept quiet... shame on them. Also, it is a bit confusing with the Sport initially debuting as a hatch trim with the 1.5t. Honda later migrated the Sport...
  15. Civic sport hondata

    I'm browsing on my phone and had to do a triple take pinch spread ultra zoom in and then double check Google. With all the black on black, angle of the pic, and my old tired eyes I thought it was a hatch at first too! I also seen him post in the tuning thread too so I was doubting myself and had...
  16. Civic sport hondata

    Hmm, it looks like she purchased the Sport Coupe which features the 2.0L non turbo charged engine. If I'm not mistaken, you'll need to return the Hondata and purchase the Ktuner product instead because a quick search pulled up this info...
  17. Using Genesis Brembo

    Hyundai OEM part numbers 2009-2015 Genesis Coupe 58110-2M700 (FL) 58130-2M700 (FR) *Please note, (sometimes) rebuilt calipers will have different part numbers respective to the remanned manufacturer. When I pieced my kit together it took 6 months for a remanned set to pop up. I purchased my...
  18. Civic Hatch Light Bar. What do you guys think?

    Thank you for your reply!!! I couldn't get a detailed answer from the previous post so I greatly appreciate the pictures and info!
  19. Civic Hatch Light Bar. What do you guys think?

    Damn I really wanted to do this but have the Mugen tail lights. Worried that the led light bar might look funny with Mugen orange tail light blinkers being in the upper portion. It looks really good with the stock lights! @OP Did you have any issues with the light bar fully covering the OEM...
  20. New option for 27Won BBK Rotors

    Just wanted to share some rudimentary measurements I've taken for another member in regards to the Genesis Brembo kit. (Don't mean to thread jack but this info may be useful) First attached pic shows the closest distance from the caliper to center if axle (the hole punch center); which is 3.75"...