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  1. Mileage error

    Even after driving? Have you tried resetting it again?
  2. Occasional AC Squeak

    But if you turn it off and back on again, does it squeal again? If so, it probably is the belt squealing, either because it is worn, or because the compressor has a lot of resistance.
  3. DIY Oil Change - Standard Operating Procedure

    I don't see the attachment.
  4. EX-T HU swapped for Touring HU

    I would suggest reselling it to get some money back and get the correct one for your car.
  5. Windshield Replacement for Touring Models

    If you have glass coverage there is no deductible, and it won't cause your rates to go up.
  6. Secondary Head Unit

    What brand/model is the secondary HU? Any issues with it?
  7. 2016 honda civic head unit beeping back to home.

    I was not able to open 3 out of 4 files. But the one I was able to open said to update the software using the software update tool. So, regardless, they have to take it to the dealer.
  8. 2016 honda civic head unit beeping back to home.

    Have you tried rebooting the HU? Disconnecting the battery?
  9. Tick noise from rear brakes when engine going to start

    Is it just 2 ticks and stops? I think that is just the fuel pump turning on.
  10. Another rodent wire damage story

    Has anyone tried an electronic rodent repellent? I got one for Christmas that I put in my lawnmower. Last winter the mice completely took over the engine with a nest and even after cleaning it out, the mower smelled of mice urine the entire summer. I hope this will work. I will find out come...

    Certainly sounds like a bearing. Whether it is the tensioner pulley or A/C you can only find out using a car stethoscope to pinpoint the sound.
  12. Secondary Head Unit

    Interesting! Let us know how it goes.
  13. 2016 Touring keeps popping ABS/VSA Motor 40A 38233-TBA-A01 multi-block fuse

    Glad you found the issue, and then some. Sorry that you will have to fight with the dealer to get it fixed.
  14. Lanewatch notification annoyance

    When he makes the right turn, the display switches to the camera. I think he is saying that Waze then gives a pop up notification. But he doesn't see the popup notification, until it switches back to Waze. I disagree that it is a major design flaw. But I can see that it is an annoyance.
  15. Lanewatch notification annoyance

    My experience with Android Auto is also annoyance. Lately, about 50% of the time, my Audio apps don't work.
  16. Lanewatch notification annoyance

    Do you need to have the sideview camera to make right turns? If not, just disable it.
  17. 2016 Touring keeps popping ABS/VSA Motor 40A 38233-TBA-A01 multi-block fuse

    I would check the wires and connectors on the ABS/VSA Module to see if there is any damage. They could be shorting out. Although, I don't know where the module is located.
  18. Small axle play in CV boot question

    Did you replace the axle with a Honda axle, or a cheap aftermarket one? I had a problem with a cheap one I bought online and had to replace it eventually with a Honda one.
  19. Small axle play in CV boot question

    In the video, is the front axle supported, or is it hanging down with nothing underneath? The axle shaft slides in and out to accommodate the change in length when going over bumps. If it is hanging down, the axle is already at its full length. So, the click you hear in the video is it...