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  1. Cvt autocross at proving grounds

    No I did not have any sensor, nor did I have a cooler for it. My ext had full bolt ons and flex fuel E30. I daily drove it and probably did 15+ autocross events and took it to the drag strip once and ran a 13.6 1/4. Never had an issue. But then trade in values got so high I traded it in for way...
  2. Cvt autocross at proving grounds

    Coolant. I adjusted it to flash red fairly low though. Maybe 220? I don't own the car anymore so I don't remember for certain.
  3. Wisconsin Optima yellow battery

    Still have this. $140 shipped for a $250 battery. Brand new
  4. Wisconsin Dc strut bar

    DC strut bar. $75 shipped. Also have a ktuner 1.2 will make deal on both.
  5. Wisconsin Bc racing coilovers

  6. Wisconsin Optima yellow battery

    Optima 51 group. Ordered on June 28 and used in car for one week. Will show receipt if you want. $175 shipped.
  7. Wisconsin Ktuner 1.2

    Bump $340 shipped. My civic is gone. Make this be gone.
  8. Wisconsin Bc racing coilovers

    Bump. Will ship for free.
  9. Wisconsin Acuity oil cap

  10. Wisconsin Prl intercooler

    Yes. V1.2
  11. Wisconsin Prl flex fuel kit 1.5t

    bump make offer
  12. Wisconsin Prl intercooler

    bump make offer
  13. Wisconsin Bc racing coilovers

    Make an offer that is reasonable
  14. Wisconsin Ktuner 1.2

    Bump $360 shipped
  15. Wisconsin Prl intercooler

    Make reasonable offer
  16. Wisconsin Acuity oil cap

    Make reasonable offer