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  1. color matched vinyl

    Interesting. A few months ago I wanted to wrap my car in Rallye Red, but the only options available were the stock colors from 3M, Avery, etc. The shop said that they could color match but it wouldn't look good if the whole car were covered with it. I've been playing with the idea of trading up...
  2. What did you do to your Type R today?

    Took mine into a random dealership next to I-95 a couple days ago for a new fuel pump. If you're putting off the recall work like I did... don't. :)
  3. Finally got my 2021 CTR at MSRP!!!

    Congratulations! It's a good feeling to finally be done, and once you're actually signing the papers it's satisfying to know that you didn't fork over any unnecessary money because you stuck to your guns. Was sonic grey the color you wanted or did you just pull the trigger because of the price?
  4. TPMS reset without screen?

    We're so close to getting rid of our terrible head units!
  5. What did you do to your Type R today?

    I learned on and later daily drove a 2nd gen hatch with an e-brake that only gave the car a suggestion to stay in place. Getting stuck first in line at the drawbridge probably could have counted as my exercise for the day cause my heart rate was sky high every time :D
  6. TPMS reset without screen?

    Quoting this for visibility because it hasn't been answered yet
  7. TPMS reset without screen?

    Please give us a review! Either in this thread or a brand new one here (remember, this mod isn't R-exclusive) I'm very interested in rev match + TPMS. Those things are what would make me hesitate to replace the awful stock head unit.
  8. What makes the LE worth the extra money?

    Whoa you got the LE huh? I remember you got your R right before I did and I'd have had your red twin if I weren't so indecisive. I'm actually looking to get it painted red now o_O Grats man! That car looks great.
  9. What did you do to your Type R today?

    Beautiful specimen! Have you hired armed guards yet?
  10. I understand mark-up but WOW

    Yup. I had to laugh at a lot of salesmen in Florida to get here.
  11. I understand mark-up but WOW

    $1 of markup is a bit excessive ;)
  12. How many miles did you get out of your OEM Contis?

    I'm at about 12.5 so far. I've had one "big boy" event with hard driving, but it wasn't on a track. I have had to have a wheel patched twice, though.
  13. What does your ID stand for? ;)
  14. What does your ID stand for?

    Do you only care about the answers of Si and R owners?
  15. How Bad is Your Black Paint?

    Not just CTRs but Hondas in general. I got mine coated as soon as I bought it :D
  16. 1 year/12k mile review of my '19 CTR

    @WindJunkie every time you post a picture of your car I wonder if I should've gone with red :D