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  1. Noise Identification

    I believe our CVTs actually have an unusual clutch between the engine and the transmission. Maybe that's what you're hearing engage? I found this as well. Check it. The Honda CVT uses a start clutch in place of a torque converter. The start clutch is located between the output secondary...
  2. Noise Identification

    Well one thing that happens in those situations, if I understand correctly, is that the powertrain 'loads up'. Power/torque is being applied to the CVT where it previously wasn't when in P or N. The engine can shift a bit and everything connected to it (especially aftermarket intakes and...
  3. Speaker Swaps

    I used these based on the group's recommendations. Lots of folks have found that silk-domed tweeters are much smoother and less harsh sounding than the factory tweeters.
  4. Can you jack up the middle jack point from the side?

    Make sure you check out the recalls from Harbor Freight recently for jack stands. They don't inspire confidence. Be safe.
  5. Dashboard Lights

    I believe those errors are all tied to the Honda Sensing system. The first thing I'd do is inspect for debris (like a leaf) or something blocking the RADAR unit (look under the hood as well) or bird crap where the camera looks outward. Beyond that... I believe there's a good chance that the...
  6. Key FOB weirdness.

    It could be a dying car battery as well. That's always the go-to when weird electrical stuff happens in our cars.
  7. 2016 2.0L P0113 IAT high input (temp low)

    or aliens. we can't forget about aliens.
  8. 2016 2.0L P0113 IAT high input (temp low)

    Yikes. I can see that you took every precaution and provided a detailed list of the steps in your post. My first guess would be the air filter. Is it properly fit in the box? Sealing properly? Any crud or oil in the MAF? Etc... Next... I'd unplug the electrical stuff that you unplugged...
  9. Jumped a sidewalk, and not sure what I messed up.

    I wouldn't drive it.... for safety as well as making a problem worse/causing more damage.

    There's also no easy way to just disable the endless warnings and gongs. My camera failed on a 30 day old Sport a couple of years back. It took a few weeks to get an appointment, order the part, get the part, and get another appointment to replace it. The gongs started to sound like a ringing...
  11. Water Noise While Braking in Slow Traffic

    Since it's Fall; I'm inclined to go with the clogged drain line theory. Keep in mind that, I believe, there's drain lines for the sunroof area also. Also... make sure no lines got disconnected when they raised the hood at the shop.
  12. Stuck in accessory mode after I turn my car off

    In your other threads about this; you mention that you've been disconnecting the battery cable overnight. IMO... that's the queen mother of all resets/reboots. I don't believe that pulling and restoring a fuse would do anything more than the battery disconnect.

    I don't know of anything else to check. But if you start experiencing error messages in a few weeks; it's probably rust or electrical corrosion on a sensor. If it were me; I'd open the hood and run a fan on it overnight. And I'd cross my fingers. Good luck.
  14. '18 Civic "beeps" when car is off and leaving...

    I'm only posting this since I haven't seen it posted yet. I would install a fresh battery in the fob just to rule that out as an issue.
  15. Bunch of Error Codes

    My first thought is that some power got sent down the speaker wires in the wrong direction; ultimately reaching the head unit (maybe). Writing down your settings and resetting /rebooting the head unit would be my first move. After that... you can pull the associated fuse under the hood for a...
  16. 2020 civic stuck in accessory mode

    I don't think you have anything to lose by putting a fan to the interior driver's door panel overnight.. You could even pop one of the bottom corners to allow for more airflow.

    Maybe/maybe not re: lowering the car. But my gut feeling is that you shook the RADAR loose/out of calibration with the railroad crossing/pothole. But make sure you eyeball it before spending the money. Sometimes you can spot the issue (like a leaf stuck in front of the unit).
  18. Battery issue?

    If it's the original battery; I'd replace it anyway based on age. Plus... it's getting cold.
  19. 2020 civic stuck in accessory mode

    IMO... trying to diagnose without knowing all mods is fairly pointless. Are there any other mods other than K-Tuner and tints? If it were me; I'd reflash back to stock and go from there. If the problem remains; then it's likely a tint installation issue. If it fixes itself; the plot...
  20. Overtightened negative battery cable nut, now just spins in either direction. Help!