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  1. Si sedan custom sound system set up, Subwoofer and Amp in the trunk.

    I'v been researching for some subwoofer custom enclosure and amplifier set up in the trunk, what I really wanna do is put 2x 12in subwoofer in the trunk with custom box; so when I put down the back seat it would just a board with my subwoofer facing inside and when you look inside my trunk I...

    Not sure of the offset, either 35 or 37, but I'm tucked in with no rubbing issue on stock tires.
  3. Lowering 2018 Civic Si

    Not at all, no annoying dash lights, sports mode still functional and stock tires.
  4. What's your SI looking like today?

    What Kind of rims are THOSE? Size and offset please...very nice sedan!!!!
  5. Show Off your Wheels! What kind are you rocking on you Si?

    first set up was 18in Mitsubishi evo 10 enkei 18in wheels second set up was weddsport sa70 current set up rays engineering gram lights.
  6. Lowering 2018 Civic Si

    It's just AutoZone universal front lip, just a long strip of rubber, I took if off after a week cuz it looks kinda tacky and wannabe.
  7. What's your SI looking like today?

    Still looks fine to me.
  8. SoCal: Looking to buy CTR, looking for best prices in SoCal

    Metro Honda in Montclair, they're selling type r at MSRP last November 2018, irk now if that deal still available, I didn't jump in that deal cuz my SI was upside down in trade in value.
  9. Miles done on lowering springs

    I'm at 13k but I put on skunk2 at 200 miles then changes them to D2 , still no problems...knock on wood
  10. D2 Lowering Springs install on Si

    If you're kinda mechanically inclined it's kinda easy, I changed my springs twice, from stock to skunk to d2, just make sure to check the spring markings cuz there's a left and right side for the front springs.
  11. D2 Lowering Springs with Aftermarket Wheels

    I never had a mud guards from day's probably just how my car sit..
  12. D2 Lowering Springs with Aftermarket Wheels

    I'm running D2 springs, both my Wedssprort and Rays gramlight 18x8 et 36 on stock tires, no rubbing or scraping 4 people and bags to Vegas still no problem, I don't think 1mm makes a difference in your offset of 35.
  13. Post your aftermarket wheel/tire set up

    Change my wheel set up from my WEDSSPORT to RAYS GRAMLIGHT
  14. Hatchback w/ aftermarket rims (pics)

    Damn! Them rims looks familiar...
  15. Testing waters, WTT wedssort sa70

    Pm sent! Im interested
  16. Testing waters, WTT wedssort sa70

    Just looking to trade my set of mint condition WEDSSPORT SA70 18x8.5 et 36, show me what you have please no knock off heavy cast rims.
  17. Sunroof rattle and infotainment warranty

    I have a 2018 SI w 10k, I just noticed a loud rattle when my sunroof is fully opened when I'm driving on a low speed, my infotainment keeps on resetting every week I have to reprogram my favorite stations, my Apple carplay totally disappeared, I can't do the navigation interface from my iPhone...
  18. Lowering 2018 Civic Si

    Here is a perfect example of D2 lowering springs no error codes, no cv boot damage n daily driving it for a year with 10k miles not a damn problem! I like the drop on weddsport sa70 wheels 18x8 et36 no rubbing on factory tires.
  19. Post your aftermarket wheel/tire set up

    I took the lip off, that lip was the universal cheap stuff, it looks tacky..