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  1. Left parking brake malfunctioning

    This is the one i use for my 2019 si: Autel MaxiAP AP200 Obd2 Scanner Bluetooth Auto OBDII Diagnostic Scan Tool for ios & Android, Full System Car Check Engine Light Code Reader with 25 Service Functions...
  2. Left parking brake malfunctioning

    Did you unplug the harness from the caliper when changing the pads/rotors? Assuming you unplugged the harness, its possible a connection came dislodged in the pigtail, check if that's the case with the pins inside the connection. The only reason I state this is because the first time I did...
  3. My Transmission Blew Up

    just out of curiosity, what are your mods and what tune are you running?
  4. California H&R 5mm DRS TRAK+ Wheel Spacers [Los Angeles]

    Bump still available
  5. California Avid AV27 For Sale $400

    Oh shit, that was you at the track earlier this month? thought the car looked familiar lol also free bump
  6. AA Wireless: Wireless Android Auto

    5G as in 5Ghz wifi? Honestly you've sold me on this already as I'm tired of fiddling with cables and having them fail after a few months due to constant connecting/disconnecting. Gonna give this a go.
  7. AA Wireless: Wireless Android Auto

    Tempted to try this. Do you also have your headunit hacked?
  8. Anyone running this Depo "Porsche style" sidemarkers?

    Wish these were switchbacks, I have some switchback ones already but really love the style of these.
  9. 2017 civic si dyno results

    At those power levels, I figured the head gasket is now a maintenance thing. Is there no after market solution yet for that? Also does the head still lift even with the studs?
  10. What type of MTF is everyone running?

    This upcoming year I do plan on getting more seat time at the track, probably around 8 times or so. Figured swapping trans fluids is cheaper than swapping transmissions
  11. What type of MTF is everyone running?

    swapped to amsoil at 28,000 after three track days with the OEM fluid. After multiple daily drives to and from work, shifting from first to second is a lot smoother. There is still some notchiness but not as much as before. There use to be a 3rd gear crunch that's no longer there and is as...
  12. Any ideas about doing an oil filter relocation?

    invest in some wheel cribs, I just got some race ramps and have been using them to do oil changes.
  13. Failed inspection for having a tune

    why don't you flash back to stock and get it retested? You only have basic bolt ons. Stock should be able to handle those bolt ons even if its just temporary for inspection.
  14. Good-bye shiny steering wheel

    Oh wow, I'll give this a try as mine is already showing its age only after 2 years of ownership lol
  15. New Jersey FS: interior led faux carbon fiber door lights

    this is the coolest thing I've seen. Free bump
  16. All-new 2022 Civic Si Revealed 🚨

    Honestly I'm more interested in the new fly wheel set up. I wonder if this will be able to hold more power and torque compared to the 10th gen. If that's the case, I wonder how simple a conversion would be or if it's a straight swap between the two generations. This would mean theres another...
  17. Its official!! My car hates me

    I gotta say man, I always zip off my spacers when I'm swapping between my stock wheels and track wheels (I alternate between 20mm and 15mm bolt on spacers when changing my wheels) and never had any issues, the hell did you do? lmao
  18. What type of MTF is everyone running?

    It's backwards compatible.