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  1. PTP Downpipe Blanket Reviews

    Can the downpipe elbow blanket be installed without removing the downpipe itself? Same for the turbo blanket?
  2. Lust's FK8 Civic Type R Track & Street Build

    Holy shit that thing is fkn sick.
  3. Touring Tweeter Upgrade

    Do the Hertz DT24.3 tweeters also come with the metal brackets for installation, or is that for the C26 only? Is the extra cost of the C26 ($120) worth it over the DT24.3 ($70)? Are they both plug and okay with these harnesses...
  4. Rhode Island FS: Hertz tweeters with sail panels / Hertz center 3.5" speaker / OEM door woofers

    Do the tweeters and center speaker also fit Type R?
  5. Lust's FK8 Civic Type R Track & Street Build

    Oh yeah, I would say most do. I have a pretty upward seating position for the street (not a lot of lean back). For autocross/track, I usually just scoot one click forward. Maybe tilt one click forward if I feel like I need it. Secure seating position is huge in performance driving, imo.
  6. Civic Type R After-market Wheel Guide

    Do you have more pics at stock height? Looks great.
  7. --Project Thunderpants-- SGP Type R

    Nice work. How was the ball joint install? Seems like a tight space.
  8. Overheating & What You Can Do To Stop It

    Race Louvers makes vents even more functional than Trackspeed, but they're even uglier. Just wanted to mention it bc if you go through the trouble of cutting your stock hood, I think you should maximize its cooling performance. Also, I wouldn't count out getting a C&R radiator first. It'd...
  9. Georgia Physical Climate Control

    I guess so since it's now just a single, not dual, zone climate control. One temp, that's it. Please lmk if interested on buying, shipping out other items this weekend.