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  1. California closing

    On it's $115 each, yikes. Maybe you got ripped off by shady Bay Area dealers
  2. 2018 Civic Si Steering Wheel FS

    still available?
  3. WTB: Civic Hatchback Sport Rear Valance (71502-TGG-A50)

    For sure man, just let me know!
  4. WTB: Civic Hatchback Sport Rear Valance (71502-TGG-A50)

    yeah I had one before but (1) the fitment was pretty off and (2) most places in the bay are charging like $400 to have it repainted like WHAT
  5. Driver's Side Tweeter Broken

    Basically, I was just looking at my door and I noticed that the speaker and weather strip were sticking out, this happen to anyone else?
  6. CTR Rear Lip on a Hatchback?

    Hey, I was wondering if the Type R rear diffuser (with the center outlet for the exhaust) will fit on a regular HB bumper? I got into a fender bender about a year ago but have kinda just lived with it but now I want to start doing work on my car and have a CTR rear lip would be pretty cool...
  7. WTB: Civic Hatchback Sport Rear Valance (71502-TGG-A50)

    Hey! I'm just looking for the rear sport trim diffuser for the hatchback sports. I have an EX and I'm trying to switch it to a center outlet exhaust (trying to fabricate something like those ProDrager exhausts for the non-sport Civic Hatches) I can do local pickup in the Bay Area or I'll be...
  8. DIY rear bumper fake vent conversion

    Can somebody send me/post instructions on how to remove the vents from the bumper? Kinda unrelated to this but I need to move vents from my old damaged bumper to my new one and I don't know how. On a more related note, how much did this cost you all to do? It looks sick and wouldn't mind it on...
  9. What's under the "fake vents" on the hatchback rear bumper cover...

    Sorry to revive this but did anybody ever figure out how too remove the vents?
  10. Request: Remove the Rear Vents on the Hatchback Bumper

    For the life of me I can't figure out how to undo the clips for the rear bumper and it's got me SUPER stressed out because I'm trying to put them on a different, less damaged bumper. Please help!
  11. Type R replica rear diffuser Lips for Hatchback

    I don’t know if I’m crazy or it’s just me but the alignment/fitmemt didn’t workout for mine... Worked on it for like 6 hours until I called it a day and I’m probably just going to go to a body shoo tomorrow morning. Any last minute/second advice? On a side note, can somebody upload a tutorial...
  12. 6MT swap?

    I need opinions for the distant, distant, DISTANT future! Assuming that the CVT in the car starts to falter within five or six years and I got the money laying around, would it be possible/feasible to switch to a 6MT then? I really love these Civics and I 100% intend on keeping mine for 10+...
  13. Weird White Scuffs/Scratches on the Piano Black Door Pillars

    Like the title says, my Civic Hatchback EX has all these thing weird white marks on the piano black door pillars and I've washed my car multiple times since I noticed them and it doesn't seem they improve. On top of that, I have no idea where they came from! There's no indentations or even rises...
  14. DIY: Hatch Sport Window Trim on lower trims

    Sorry to bring this up again but my issue is kinda related. Has anybody experience white marks or steaks on the piano black door pillars?
  15. WTB Enkei Raijin 18x8 or 8.5 +40-35

    Looking to get some aggressive wheels just to spice up the Hatch and I'm a fat Naruto weeb and these wheels look sick so if you're selling some 18" PM me or feel free to text me @ (408) 836-5583 Need 5x114.3; 18x8-8.5 +35-40mm and either the Black or Gunmetal! I'm also slightly less interested...
  16. How much have you spent modding/upgrading?

    How's that Phoenix Radio holding up?
  17. Riken Raptor ZR 235/45 R17 review

    Hey! Any update on the tires? Looking to pair these with some Enkei Raijin 18x8 +40mm for my Civic Hatchback EX but I don't know, some reviews praise them as god tires and others are just filled with regret
  18. Advice on Selling/Buying!

    Hey all, I was wondering how everybody on here sells to people via shipping, especially for the bigger items. What service do you guys use to ship your items and how do you charge people? Asking for a friend but also asking for future reference! Thanks in advance!
  19. For sale: practically new 18” Enkei Raijin wheels and tires

    Let me know if you are ever interested in shipping!